Art Wednesday: Coffee Art

Today's "art" is just for fun as I feel in a fun mood, probably because it is summer (not that it feels like it) and getting close to holidays.

Is this art?

Its creative, imaginative, requires a level of skill (I can't do it!) and we enjoy it so yes it is! So for something light and fluffy (that tastes good to if you like coffee) enjoy a mug of coffee art:)

I watched a cooking programme on TV the other day and the barista demonstrated how to create "coffee" art and it was quite difficult and required many hours of practice.  The next time you make a latte, give it a go.

All source from: link

How to make coffee art: link

Let the children play with their milo or hot chocolate to create some art!!



  1. I've seen coffee art photos before - it's really impressive! Some people have amazing talent, don't they? I can't even imagine how much time it takes to perfect this art! It seems to me like some of those pictures must have taken so long to produce that the coffee must have been cold by the time they were done!!!

  2. My SIL is a barista & can do this but I'm not sure I get the point. Lovely, yes, but it's going down my gullet. lol I think I'm a little strange that way.

  3. Lovely! It just amazes me how people can create such beautiful things. Proof that we ARE made in the image of God, the Creator of all.

  4. Clara - I won't mind as long as my coffee (not that i drink it) wasn't cold!! It is quite clever though.

  5. Jo: have you had any luck with your Christmas request?

  6. Yes I have - my sister-in-law (who lives in Denver) knows a lady (in the US) who makes lace ones and she will post one over. Thank you so much for asking.

    But I will still look around to see if I can find anything local if mum would like a second one.

  7. I'm so pleased. I was sorry not to be more helpful but mine are all really plain. I hope your mum likes it.


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