If you don’t love mashed potatoes, then you are probably from another planet.

Quote by Ethan Becker

When I read this quote I had a chuckle . . . my dear husband LOVES mashed potato and can't understand why the rest of us get a little tired of eating it.  Why would anyone want to eat rice or pasta or anything else, as mashed potato is the best food ever and it goes with everything!!

What does your husband love to eat?


  1. Everything. Or at least almost everything. There are very few foods that he doesn't eat. I can't think of anything that he is fanatical about eating though.

    As for mashed potato - we don't eat it all the time, but we do love it! I think if we ate it every day we would tire of it though!!

  2. He loves his mash; I can't stand potatoes. Not my favourite veg.

  3. What he can eat, and that I can cook, he raves over! Now that is a relief =)



  4. I love mashed potatoes (but I don't like peeling them) My husband likes jalapenos. He eats them with every single meal I serve (except pancakes) He especially likes them grilled.

  5. I like mash potatoes with cream and cheese, not healthy!! but occasionally its very nice indeed!


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