School formal

A mothers heart always does a little leap when they see their child "all grown up" and I must admit, when I saw my baby all dressed up in a suit, my heart did that leap! He looked so handsome.
My son and his girlfriend went to their school formal on Wednesday evening and I raced home so I could capture this very special moment on film.  So there we were, Milly's mother and I clicking away taking as many shots as we could!!   When I started taking the photos it was raining heavily, however by the time I was leaving it had stopped so I was able to take a few outside. I think (maybe a little bias) that they look beautiful.



  1. Great photos! :) I think young men look so nice dressed up (and young ladies), but it is so rare to see them looking that way - we live in such casual times!! I really like the outdoors photo of both of them together. Milly looks very sweet!

  2. She is sweet - and I really liked her dress, it wasn't too low cut and the colour was vibrant. Her sister put lipstick on her and she didn'tlike it. Vvery usual to find a girl these days who doesn't like wearing lipstick! A nice change from the norm.

    C never wears a suit and is always casual - he really looked so different (dapper his uncle said). I think he needs one for any interview he goes to. he might pull off a job.

  3. Those days are long gone in my home since my son's 22, but I Loved seeing these winter formal photos, they are wonderful.

    Your son is very handsome and what a great suit. His girlfriend is beautiful. They grow-up so fast, but that is how memories are made.

    God bless you
    ~ Michele

  4. Very nice! You should be proud!

  5. M. K. Roth - thank you so much for dropping by. This is my youngest son, so end of of school formals and the like. Its a bit sad really.

    I don't usually see my son in a suit, he prefers jeans and T's - so it was a nice change to see him all dressed up.

  6. They are gorgeous! Your son looks so dapper in his suit.
    My daughter is 18 now and I feel like I just blinked it and she was grown up. *sigh*
    Have a beautiful day.

  7. Very handsome! I love your son's little crooked grin - very handsome! And Milly looks like a lovely girl. What a beautiful color of fabric for her dress.

  8. I love MIlly's dress & your son's grin. He is very handsome! Well done, mum!

  9. ditto to everything others said! they both look GREAT and yes I love that her dress was not so low cut:) I can't stand it when women show off their.....! it makes me embarassed for all the men around!


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