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Sometimes when I am wandering around the web I come across websites that I think other people might enjoy, here are a couple that I wanted to share.

Christmas pudding - did you know that this was once cooked in a sheep's stomach lining just like haggis!
I have just finished watching the Victorian Farm: Christmas DVD, a great series (along with its companion DVD series "Victorian Farm").  In the three part series they share a bunch of ideas in regards to making homemade gifts and cooking Christmas food.  If you don't have access to the DVD, here is the website and the clips to these homemade goodies:  link

Australian Woman's Weekly from the 1940's
Did you know that the Australian Woman's Weekly has been digitalised and can be accessed for free from the National Library of Australia - by anyone!  They have all magazines from 1930 through to 1980. Here is the link.  If you are a keen knitter, dressmaker, love cooking old recipes, interested in home ideas of yesteryear - these magazines are well worth looking at.

This link takes you to some free online site for vintage knitting.

Do you like all things Victorian?  If so, this website might be just for you (link). Mostly-Victorian.com has articles and illustrations from the Victorian Girls Own Annuals publications.  These are such a joy to read.



  1. Someday when I have more time, I'll have to spend some time browsing those websites - they sound really fun! Thanks, Jo! :)

  2. I like the victorian link and saved it into my bookmarks! Thanks! ;)

  3. lol I was just going to say the same thing Clara said:) I would love to look up the old Australian Women's weeklies when I have some time:)


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