When one job leads to another job.

Yesterday was the start of the end of year sales.  I had been waiting for them as I really needed some new manchester.  Off I went at 8am (not that I really wanted an early start on Boxing Day!) and bought what I wanted without any hassles and no crowds.  It was quite a stress-free experience!  By the time I got the car at 9:15am the car park was starting to fill up and I left just in time.

Buying a doona cover that suits both a male and female can be tricky.  My DH does not like girly white/pastels/pink covers. So I hunted around for something that we would both like and this is what I found and DH loved it. It is very rich in colour (not that the photo shows this) and in a heavy fabric (unlike many that are in a soft cotton).   This isn't likely to show black hair from one fluffy cat!! Besides the doona, I also picked up 2 sets of sheets (1000 thread Egyptian cotton) and a memory pillow for my son. If you live near a Harris Scarf's store - it is the best place for sheets and it has the BEST sales - I saved almost 70% on the original prices.
The new doona cover and pillows.  Its hard to tell, but the colour is very rich - gold, purple, green, deep red in a heavy fabric.

The cow is my heat wheat pack that I use in winter and the black guerrilla "I love you" was a gift from my husband!!
The back of the doona is cotton is this gorgeous rich gold, so when I saw sheets also in gold I just had to buy them. It makes the bed look luxurious!

Once DH and I made the bed (we even turned the mattress) I decided to tackle the linen cupboard and go through all the sheets and throw away anything that had become wore etc.. This led to a much bigger clean out.  Our linen cupboard is full of "stuff" and it really needed a complete going through - so that is what I did. I was surprised at what I found!!!
Ruby helping with the cleaning!!
Ruby getting very involved in everything I was doing.
Doing an inspection!!!
Getting into things she wasn't meant to!!
Rubbish - all fitted in the bin, just!! and I had another pile for St Vinnies charity bin!
That was exhausting!!
Once the linen cupboard was clean, I had plenty of extra space to move things from the study into the cupboard.  This lead to cleaning out part of the study!!!  Some hours later I had a ham sandwich and a hot chocolate.
That was good

PS Those tabs at the top of my blog may look good but are currently not working.  I did some fancy html alterations but got stuck!!  Still figuring out how to write the extensions so they work.



  1. Those days, when one job leads to another, are often very satisfying because a lot gets done!
    The doona and sheets are lovely - and yes, it does look very luxurious!
    The hot chocolate looks sooo yummy! :) Make me one?? ;)

  2. I really like those colours in the doona cover. My hubby used to be much more fussy but after many years doesn't worry so much. Perhaps I wore him down :-)

  3. Very nice doona cover...we call them duvet covers or comforters over here. I just did that this weekend - one job leading to another. The children and I started looking through old pictures which led to a very tiring job of cleaning out the "BOX". So glad we got rid of all the duplicates and ugly pictures that meant nothing. It is a pleasure now to go through. Also, went to put a bag of beans away and ended up organizing my food storage. Nice.

  4. Mrs Santos - I quite like it when this happens as you are never quite sure where it might end. I also think you end up doing far more than if you had planned it. And the pleasure at the end makes it all worth while.

  5. Clara - I made that hot chocolate with the Aldi frother, I have finally worked out how to use it without making any messes!! And I think the end result is as good as any bought hot chocolate. I have just ordered some Dutch cocoa and can't wait to try that!!

  6. Gorgeous colors in your new doona...love it! Hot chocolate looks very yummy too! :)

  7. What a beautiful photo's. I love your Ruby. Busy day for you ...

  8. Looks like you found some great new linens for your home. I love the colors.

    It's always nice to re-organize closets and cabinets. I have a few that need to be re-organized in my home as well, but I must confess, I'm not looking forward to the process, ha, ha (sarcastic laugh).

    Oh, I LOVE how your cat "helped' you during your cleaning. My cats "help" me the same way - funny that! :)

    Good luck with the HTML coding for your buttons too! I HATE HTML, ha, ha! :)

  9. Mara Wildflower - I find if I plan to clean out a cupboard, I find every reason NOT to do it!! But if I wander into the job from another job (as I did on Monday) it was much more fun and doesn't seem to be as big a chore. Having Ruby "helping" makes it all the more fun!!

  10. Jedidja - nice to meet you. I see that you are from the Netherlands. Only yesterday I bought some Dutch cocoa from an online Dutch store in Australia. I'm told that Dutch chocolate is so much better in cooking?!


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