Wild Weather

Photo by Greg Sorenson - storm follower
On Tuesday afternoon at 5pm the first storm rolled in, it brought thunder and lightening, rain, wind and hail.  Two dobermans were very unhappy and one wouldn't stop barking so into the bathroom he went.  By 8pm the first storm had past - dogs were settled, all was quiet, so I sat down to watch a DVD and have my tea. At 10:45pm I could hear wind and rain, so I thought I would check the Bureau of Meteorology radar - not good news.  A massive storm front was almost upon us and before I could wake up DH, the thunder and lightening had returned, more hail, wind and rain.  So one dog in the bathroom, one cat in a bedroom (the other cat was outside somewhere and hadn't returned home) and the other dog was wandering the house.  From 10:45pm to 12:30am it was a light and noise show with the addition of a barking dog and the other one jumping all over us. 

I lay on the bed and to my surprise managed to fall asleep, waking at 2:30am to peace and quiet.  So out went the dogs, the cat was freed and by that time Charlie had come home.  I was up at 6:15am on Wednesday morning getting ready for work.  Everyone else at work, like me, were half asleep after the noisy night!! Over the last few years the number of thunderstorms have increased in Canberra, they may be enjoyable to watch . . . if you don't have 2 stressed out dogs to look after. 

Enjoy these photos of the storm over Canberra.  I was too busy and it was far too wet to go outside to take any photos, so enjoy these taken by Greg Sorenson (a storm chaser).
Taken near Lake Burley Griffin in the centre of Canberra
View over Canberra
Over the mountains surrounding Canberra
What an amazing look at Gods power
Photo by Chris Smith, Canberra Times - Black Mountain Tower in Canberra

And they were all amazed  
at the mighty power of God
Luke 9:43

The day is thine, the night also is thine:  thou hast prepared the light and the sun.  Thou hast set all the borders of the earth:  thou hast made summer and winter. 
Psalm 74:16-17



  1. oh my, while thunderstorms make for spectacular photos they're no fun are they! Glad you were all safe though, praise God!

  2. Wow!! What a storm!
    Like your dogs - I don't do very well during one as violent as that.
    In fact I rather dread our Spring/Summer storms with all that electrical business :-(
    Give me slow gentle rain any day lol!
    BUT the photos are amazing!!!
    Yes, it makes you think about the awesome power of the Lord, that's for sure!

  3. We didn't get any storms - more's the shame (we quite enjoy them, so long as we're all safe!). I'm sorry for you with the trouble you have with your dogs, that doesn't sound like fun. My father has a similar problem with his dog.
    As for those photos, they are spectacular!!!


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