Being an encouraging wife

Romantic embrace by Brent Heighton

. . . by love serve one another.  
(Gal 5:13)

Ladies, you may think that men have plenty of courage and they don't need any of ours - but you're wrong.  I've made a discovery that will change the way you look at your strong, capable husband: Sometimes he still feels like a little boy.

When your hubby is rejected by a job interviewer who's half his age, he feels defeated.  If he's told that his credit rating isn't good enough to get the low-rate car loan, he feels like a failure.  He needs to be reassured that you still think he's wonderful, even of the rest of world doesn't. 

 - from "Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome" by Nancy C. Anderson (page 65)

Therefore comfort each other and edify one another . .

(1Thessalonians 5:11)

We often forget that our menfolk are not made of steel and that they cannot always get through ever battle alone.  They are not the knight in shinning amour that we dream of - they are human and can feel sadness, disappointment, anger, loneliness and as a result need regular hugs and lots encouragement.

As wives, it is our role to provide as much encouragement as possible. But to do this, we need to understand our husbands so we give that "extra bit of" encouragement when it is needed.  Of course,  we should give encouragement all the time, but there are moments when an extra "spoonful or two" of encouragement is needed and our husbands aren't always going to tell us when or don't know how to ask or don't want to appear as if they are failing.  It could be . . .  just before a hard day at the office, before an interview, before they have to solve a difficult problem, before a trip to the bank . . . we need to be ready with those special words, perhaps a small note of encouragement in the lunchbox and extra prayers that will make all the differences to our husbands day.

Our words, simple they may be, can change a bad day to something enjoyable and as a result, our husbands return home happy and cheerful in the evening.   I have found it is well worth the effort!  A happy husband, makes for a happy wife and therefore a happy family!


  1. Thank you! You and your blog are a blessing for me!

  2. What a good reminder! I know my husband likes it when I tuck little notes in his briefcase when he's going to be on travel, and things like that. It seems like most of the really goodhearted men I've known have been very much like this under what can sometimes be a very stern and strong facade.

  3. Men are funny. You are right, they are like little boys sometimes - perhaps they're always little boys, covered with a gruff "big man" facade!!! They probably wouldn't like to think we can see through the facade, either!!! :)

    1. Clara , yes we should tell them that they are our knights so they continue to feel strong and then they won't know that we really do know the truth!!!

  4. Good reminders for us wives, Dear Jo. Our husbands do need our encouragement, and we should be more than willing and happy to give it.

  5. That last line is so true. Thank you!


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