It has been quiet this week on the blog - everyone must be busy.  So just dropping by to say hi and as it is Friday here in Australia, may you all have a wonderful weekend with your families.

But while I am here I will tell you something - I am feeling a bit deflated at the moment.  I have been reading other people's blogs and came across quite a few who are planning out their year, listing their goals, resolutions as a homemaker, projects/craft activities, book lists, even monthly menus and housework planners etc..  I don't do any of this.  I tend to go with the flow and see what happens! Does this make me a poor homemaker, a reckless person or just spontaneous?  I like to think the latter! I think it is wonderful that others do these things, they are very organised . . . and perhaps lead a more structured life than I do . . . I am more inclined to go with the flow a little.

The only thing that comes close to a list is my "to read/watch" pile of books/DVDs, however this keeps on growing as I add new books and DVDs to the pile. What I decide to read or watch is depended on mood and how I am feeling at the time.

But . . . it would be fun to find some things I haven't done before and try my hand at them (similar to this) . . . I might do this and write down a list (wow, a first!).  But even before I write a list, I know my first project will be making some Italian cheese (tell you more in another blog) but I just need to buy a double boiler as I don't own one.   Second project is to make my own vanilla essences. Perhaps I should set up a tab called "Projects".  Feeling better now :)

Bye for now . . . hugs Joluise


  1. Hey Jo, I love that the Lord has made us all unique! I'm a little like you, I don't actually go to full lengths and write a heap of goals and resolutions for the new year. I commit my work to Lord and trust Him to guide my way. I do have goals for our homeschooling, but I like to be flexible and spontaneous too! Have a wonderful weekend yourself! xxx

  2. I don't make new year's resolutions or anything like that - a whole year plan is far too much for my mind to get around... I prefer daily or weekly plans only. Sometimes I don't even bother with them - I guess I'm somewhat spontaneous too! Don't feel bad about not having plans - there is nothing wrong with that at all!
    Looking forward to reading about your projects as you come to them - life is more of a fun surprise when you don't know what you'll choose to do ahead of time!! :) :) :)

  3. Hi Jo~ don't feel deflated. You are always such an encouragement. As long as you are obedient to what the Lord would have you do and to prioritize, especially unto your own husband, then you are right on track.

    1 Corinthians 12 is a great encouragement to me to not compare myself with others or try not to be like everybody else. God bless you.

  4. Thankyou ladies, you always lift my spirits and make me smile - as you have done today. And its nice to know I am not alone in being spontaneous. I like the idea of not quite knowing what I might do next!!

    And as you say Sarah, what use a plans when the Lord knows what He has planned for us and they may be completely different!

    Thankyou Mrs Santos for you very kind words:)

  5. Definitely going with the flow here! 3 month olds and toddlers knowb nothing of lists! Life would be boring without spontaneous living!!!

  6. Bets - no baby or toddler follows a list and don't care about them! If they live a spontaneous life, why not you:)

  7. Hi Jo, Nice to see your new profile pic. We've a few pics of your home and projects, and I think your method is working just fine!!! I tend to write the lists in the hopes of getting a bomb under my self ~ lists like diaries are great in January, fizzle in Feb and are dead by March :-)

  8. I'm a lot like you and as long as things are getting done, I wouldn't worry to much about how "organized" you seem. We are all wired differently. I've tried SO hard to keep a Homekeeping binder and it just doesn't work for me. But yet the housework still gets done. Go figure!
    Have a lovely day.

  9. Beautiful blog, Joluise! Thanks for stopping by to visit me and your kind words.

  10. Jo, I'm late to this but like Clara said you should not feel bad about not making plans, goals etc. We are all wired differently! I don't like making goals either, I find them too difficult! I have a very vague idea of what I want to do in the year ahead not sure if I'd call them goals, more like things I'd like to see happen, things I'd like to change (for the better etc) and submit them to God in prayer. Homeschooling has 'forced' me to make more plans than I'd like to lol! Very brain stretching indeed:)

  11. Making resolutions and long term goals like that, even menu plans, can be stressful to me. I write "to do" lists quite often, but even those can come to feel like a fetter more than a help and then I just set them aside or discard them. I am "spontaneous" too. (I like that word.) :-) I go with the flow most of the time. I have a lot of projects in the "stewing" stage, but I don't think it would help me to set them down to get done by this or that time. Life is too fluid to know what will happen next week or month or in six months. I don't think it's wrong to have some "like to" goals, but the Bible warns about boasting of the morrow, so I'm not a fan of New Year's resolutions or year goals. The Lord has "taken the wind out of my sails" too often when I got boastful like that. :-) I have several big projects I'd like to get done this year, but only time will tell.


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