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idea from "The Cottage House" facebook page
Found this on Facebook from"The Cottage House" - what a great idea - thought I would share it with you all. I love ribbons, but they are always getting into a mess, this is a cheap way to avoid the problem.  Just need a way to store lace without it getting into a muddle!

How to make beeswax hand-cream
I found a lovely recipe to make beeswax hand cream at "A Sonoma Garden" (link), I am yet to give this a try but I think I might.  This website has lots of other interesting recipes that I might try.


May you all have a wonderful weekend with your families.  I spent my Saturday morning taking my son shopping for his birthday present and visiting Costco for a few items.  Now its time to enjoy a cup of tea before I make some peach jam.



  1. I love the ribbon idea! How cute!

    I wanted to drop by and let you know that you won the dishcloths and pot holders on my blog giveaway. If you can send me your address, I'll post them this next week. Thanks again for reading, Jo. I've had such a wonderful time getting to know you!

  2. The ribbons are so cute and what an amazing idea!

  3. What a great idea with the ribbons!! :)
    Let me know how the hand cream goes when you make it!
    How did the peach jam go??

  4. The jam was very nice - a similar taste to apricot and a very pretty colour. Caius has just come to grab a jar of apricot and a jar of peach to give to his girlfriend's mother and yesterday I gave a plum jam to Kathleen. It appears to be very popular.

    I just need to find all the ingredients to make the cream - I think it would be very nice on the skin with the coconut and beeswax.

  5. Hi Pink Fairy Vicky - nice to meet you and thanks for leaving a message.

  6. Great idea! I like it!

    Have a fine sunday!

  7. Peach jam!!! Oh I want to come for a visit! How delightful!
    The ribbon idea is pretty darn cute-- and I totally agree about the laces- mine are in a tub-- all in a big gob!

    I hope you are having a lovely summer dear Jo-


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