Bob and Beatrice

I am a sensible, logical mature woman that likes to live an organised life. However I am easily influenced by anything cute. When I went secondhand shopping with my son the other day, I just couldn't leave these two lonely ducks in the shop.  They were a bargain at $1 and therefore they just had to come home with me.  I have named them Bob (with the long neck) and Beatrice and they now grace my bookshelf and keep watch by the front door.  May they live a long and happy life in my home. 

 And . . . whilst out second hand shopping we also picked up this for $1.00.

I've seen ladies use these in very creative ways.
  As yet I keep a shell under my glass dome . . . any ideas?


  1. HeHe, very cute ducks! My family & I love driving around town when it's raining as all the ducks come out, they are beautiful creatures. Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  2. Thanks Sarah. The other day when we had very high levels of rain those ducks (even though inside) became quite wet - I think the terricotta was absorbing all the moisture in the air. So I most certainly had wet ducks:)

    This is a long weekend for us - so I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend. I hope your family also has a lovely weekend :)

  3. Aww - those ducks are so cute!! :)
    As for the shell in the glass dome - what if you add some other things under there? :) I'm not sure what, but I think it would look good with something else added!

    1. After naming one of the ducks Bob, I wondered what my dear cousin would think (your Uncle)!!! Do you think he would mind me naming a duck after him:)

      I will experiment with my glass dome. Steven said to keep cheese under it, which is its real purpose!!

  4. I'm sure he wouldn't mind at all! :)
    You'll have to tell me/show me what you decide with the glass dome! :)


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