Books, books, books, books . . . . . . . . .

Today is the Lifeline Secondhand book fair.

And some of you will know where I am!!

Will report back later on my purchases.

To some it may sound strange, but I get excited about these sorts of days!

I don't smoke or drink or eat bad things (any more) so I think this small addiction is OK (as long as they are nice books)! 


  1. YAY...lovely! Look forward to seeing your goodies! :-)

  2. Oh my- I've arrived just in time!! Can't wait to see what you bring home-- you always find incredible book treasures!

  3. How exciting! Look forward to hearing about what treasures you find this time!! :) Enjoy your day!! :)

  4. Your LifeLine Book fairs seem to come around regularly. Only one a year here. Happy hunting!

    1. Twice a year - March and September. They never seem to run out of books so I wonder where they all come from.

  5. Am snowed under but saw your comment and realised how long it is since have been over thanks for popping by and yes she was one special lady who knows the LORD and is joy to all who meet here - my friends mother and visit her regularly as my friend does not live here - love books myself and love B & B pudding and yours made me very hungry too love Shaz in oz.x
    PS did you know you have the "underwater bubble-blowing, prove-you-are-not-a-robot" word verification switched on too -some folk dont know so let them know now drives me batty. :D


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