I'm back home

Roses in my brothers front garden - aren't they gorgeous?
Dear all . . . I am back from my week away. My flight home was without incident (unlike my trip over to Adelaide which was hours late), in fact I arrived 10  minutes early. 

There was two parts to my trip, spending time with dad and helping him organise things in his house (no that he lives alone) and the second part was spending time with mum at the nursing home. (and spending time with my brothers, they spoilt me  with wonderful meals and accommodation as always!)

Dad and I achieved all that we set out to do.  We cleaned out mum's clothes (things that she can no longer wear) and now dad has a pile to take to the charity store (I snuck a few things into my suitcase that I will be able to wear and think of my dear mother!!) and everything else can be used at the nursing home. We also went through all of mum's craft things plus others bits and bobs. Now dad knows where everything is and if he forgets, hopefully I will remember!! That's the plan anyway.  We also found time to go shopping and enjoy a morning tea and a lovely lunch together. It was a very special father/daughter time and we had lots of conversations and laughs which were so nice.
The old homestead, build in the mid 1800's
On the Tuesday (10th) we went to visit dad's older sister who is now 85 and a lady I had never met. She lives about 2 hours north of dad's in the country (wheat country).  The farm house sits in the middle of a yard surrounds by farm machinery that ranges in age from 100 years to current. It is quite the time capsule but rather a mess!! It was fascinating to wander through!!  We had a nice lunch and looked at old photos before we returned home in the afternoon.
I took this photo from the passenger seat of the car (whilst in motion!) - this is not that far from my aunts home - paddocks ready for wheat.
Visiting mum wasn't quite as upbeat as my time with dad.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, she isn't doing very well emotionally/mentally but walking quite well considering the damage from her stroke and using her right hand to eat with even though it is very weak.  Dad and I tried to be joyful and cheerful but it is very difficult to lift someone who is very anxious.  Sadly I live to far away to visit very often, but God willing I will return in late September to spent more time with her. I know she is in Gods perfect care, so I don't need to worry as He will take very good care of her. The nursing home is really lovely and the staff all seem to be very good and caring - she couldn't be in better hands. 

I am now home . . . and for the next 2 weeks I am on holidays (I don't return to work until the 30th of April) . . . time to do things I haven't had time to do normally.  Today my son and I went to Costco (we love going to Costco - the novelty hasn't worn off yet!!) and did a big shop (my pantry is now full to overflowing - still haven't found a home for 12 paper towel rolls) and afterwards we bought a fish!!  No, not one to eat, one for my son's aquarium.  It is a native Australia fish with a name I can't remember - but he is big and grumpy looking :)

Tomorrow I think I will play around with some photos and read in the sunshine and later on I would like to make some gherkins (to bottle). If I have time this week I might get to Spotlight as I want to make a skirt for winter (copying the design of a skirt I wear all the time).  Hopefully it will be two relaxing weeks, that's the plan anyway.


  1. Welcome home, Jo. It is nice to visit & have the change but lovely to come home too.

    1. Very true - nothing is quite as good as home.

  2. I've been enjoying your holiday photos! You took such interesting shots! Your trip sounds like it was both sad and happy (thank the Lord for the happy times to balance the sadness!), and I'm glad you got home safely.
    Enjoy your holidays!! :)

  3. Hi Joluise,
    So glad you had a good visit with your family.
    Knowing your Mum is being looked after by nice,caring people must be a comfort.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

    1. Thanks Barb- yes, it is a comfort - the nurses are so encouraging and praise mum when she does something independent which is excellent. Now that I know what the nursing home looks like, does make it easier.


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