Recipe of the week: Indian Spiced Chicken Quinoa

I decided I would try something I have never eaten or cooked before - QUINOA. Considering its health benefits I thought it was worth trying and it might be something we can eat more often.  I found a recipe I liked the sound of, and after getting some advice from my brother (who uses it because it is gluten free) I made Indian Spiced chicken quinoa pilaf from  
The recipe was easy to make, however I only used one cup of quinoa (which I had washed before cooking) and halved the stock (from 4 cups to 2 cups) which I think was better.  I also added spinach and capsicum to the recipe as it was lacking in vegetables.  I think you could add any vegetables to this recipe, depending on what you liked. But I did like the cashews that gave a lovely crunch.  My husband didn't think it was spicy enough, next time I will add more chilli to the dish. 
Quinoa really didn't have any taste, the texture was fine and it wasn't gluggy like rice can be in this sort of  dish. In fact I though it was quite a light dish if you know what I mean!  I would certainly make it again and perhaps try other recipes.  I have bought a cookbook to give me some ideas that I might try.

Rating: ★★★★ (4 stars)


  1. I've read quinoa is really good for you, but I've never eaten it before... Hmm... I wonder if I would enjoy the texture of it??

  2. Clara - even though it starts in the dish as a seed, it become a flake when it is cooks - you can sort of see it in the last photo. It doesn't really have any taste but there is texture but I can't describe it to you!! I hope someone reads this can. Nick eats it all the time but I think he said one of his son's doesn't like it. I only used half the amount as i thought 2 cups would have been far too much.

  3. We have been enjoying quinoa this year...and it is fun to see all the recipes out there to cook with quinoa, it is new to us

  4. I've never tried quinoa before either! Is it similar to couscous Jo?

  5. JO- I don't think I've ever tried quinoa before!!! Your recipe looks interesting and I think I'd like it. You are a way more adventitious cook than I am!!

  6. Indian Spiced Chicken Quinoa recipe is really excellent taste and easy to make. Here simple Chicken recipes and wonderful tasty recipes. Thank u.


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