Art Friday: Christopher Boffoli

Artist: Christopher Boffoli
Seattle, USA

Miniature worlds

Art doesn't need to be serious and today's most certainly isn't . . . hopefully they will give you a chuckle and inspire your next art class.

Christopher Boffoli is a Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker.  Largely self-taught, he took up photography as a hobby in his teens, honing his skills as a student journalist in high school and college.  While still an undergraduate he started his own commercial photography company in Charleston, South Carolina.  With a background in literature and English, he worked for more than a decade in the field of Philanthropy, raising money for elite schools like Dartmouth College and the London School of Economics.  Christopher was able to integrate his creative skills, in writing, photography and graphic design into much of his fundraising work. (source)

Cone camping
Cheese moon smoker
Cinnamon Lumberjacks
Wafer Cookie Lineup!
Toaster Issues
Squeeze Cheese Crew
Peanut Butter Crew
Peppercorn Soccer

This one is really cute!!


  1. What fun they make me smile.

  2. These are really neat! Thanks for posting them. :-)

  3. very cute! yes it brought a smile to my face too!

  4. Glad you all enjoyed this bit of fun!!!

  5. Those are great! Must remember to show the children tomorrow - they will love them, too! What a fun and cute idea! :)


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