Back to work

Tulips at Floriade
I have been home for five weeks and now I am returning to work.  You may not understand this, but  part of me is looking forward to going to back to work and let me explain why.

Whilst I enjoyed eating breakfast in bed every morning and having time to read without being rushed, I did feel rather lazy by the end!  Whilst I liked being my own boss and doing whatever I wanted during the day, I ran out of things to do (constructive worthwhile things). I found myself dusting when I didn't need to and I finished any housework well before morning tea and this left me with almost an entire day to do what every I wanted e.g. reading (managed seven books), gardening (all the weeds have been removed, mulching is now complete and the vegetables planted), going out (and spending far too much money as I am no good at window shopping), eating (I eat far more when I am at home), watching DVD's (not terribly constructive at all but I did finish the Christy series, which, by the way is great) and having an afternoon sleep with the cat (which meant I didn't sleep very well at night).  

Banskia Rose in my garden
Ladies, all of you that are home without children, I congratulate you for keeping so busy.  My housework took so little time each day (my house just doesn't get messy with no children about) that I felt like I was being completely lazy the remainder of the day. Now, this is ok as I was on holidays - but not something I could do everyday. 

And the other interesting thing I noticed was the feeling of being cut off from what was "going-on"outside of my home. I am so use to having people around me, listening to their views and having discussions about every topic under the sun (which I enjoy), that having very few people around became a little isolating, which is perhaps why I went out as often as I did. 

Being a people-person (if I was an at-home wife) I would certainly need to take up some form of volunteer work, both to keep me busy (as tending my house doesn't give me enough work) and to mingle with other human beings (my conversations with my cats are a little one sided - I am not a person who likes to be on my own all the time).  Or, I would need to start some sort of business to keep myself fully occupied, as reading and sitting in the sun is not something I could do everyday (rather a lazy habit).

If my family lived closer I would be much busier looking after my parents and weeding my brothers garden - sadly for them, I live too far away to be able to assist.  If I lived in Sydney, I could help my dear cousins, but once again, I don't.  

However, my husband did enjoy my company as he was also at home and this gave us opportunities of  going out for lunch, walks, shopping and picnics together.  And I also managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done, birthdays for the rest of the year and letters written.   I cleaned out cupboards  and bookcases (and took a large pile to the charity store) and did some re-arranging and now everything is 'ship-shape"!! 

Anyway, some thoughts I arrived at about being at home.  

PS here are some photos I took 

These are gorgeous flowers


  1. Beautiful photos! Love the yellow of those roses, and love tulips!

    I had to smile at this post... I wonder what it is like to not have enough to do/to have the issues you have with being home too much?!? Hehe!
    Take today for example. I was on my feet nearly all day - at an estimate, I think I was on my feet for about 11 hours!! And I don't remember when I last read a book that wasn't the Bible, or had an afternoon nap. :P

    1. With no children at home makes all the differences. I have far less mess to clean up, far less washing, less cooking etc.. And far more free time to go as I please, including reading. If I sewed I could have sewed all day, but I don't:))) most women do reach this point of being less busy. It's just a pity my family live so far away for me to give them a helping hand.

  2. I totally understand Jo. I find myself thinking ahead to the years ahead these days (now that my dd is growing up and with no other children) as to what I'd do when we finished homeschooling! I think I would probably go back to work or do volunteer work or something like that. I really think I've changed since becoming a mum lol. I'm not so much of an introvert anymore lol.

    1. I could waste away the day, but I don't think that is the right thing to do as its very lazy and I couldn't do crafts all day. At the moment I am working so its not an issue for me, but it was interesting to be at home and find I don't have enough work to keep me occupied all day. But I did have plenty of time to read!!


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