Our picnic trip

Goodradigbee River in flood
Earlier last week my DH and I went on a picnic to the tiny village of Wee Jasper hidden away in the mountains an hour from where we live. I had never been there before so didn't know what to expect, what I saw was just so beautiful I wanted to share it with you.  What is usually a small quiet river was full and overflowing into the most magical lake and the photographer in me snapped away at such beauty. 

For those of you who are familiar with one of Australian's most famous poets and story tellers, Banjo Paterson, was part of a syndicate who purchased the 16,000 hectare "Coodravale" property on the east back of the Goodradigbee River at Wee Jasper. His experiences there are commentated in "The Road to Hogan's Gap" and "The Mountain Squatter". 

This is my last week of holidays - back to normality and work next Monday. With my DH at home, we have had a lovely 4 weeks together doing all sorts of lovely things, including this picnic.

To get their full impact, click on photos for the larger version. 

Swollen river - the windmill is not normally underwater

Peeking through the greenery
Sheep grazing with a waterside view. The hills were all lovely and green 
The beautiful bridge over the Goodradigbee River, the avenue of trees were gorgeous and created such a lovely entrance to the ting village of Wee Jasper.  The bridge was completed in 1896.

The two photos below are the river as they normally are - a very quiet ordinary river!

This is what the Goodradigbee River normally looks like, water was almost lapping at the road when we visited.  (source ABC news)
This is a snapshot from Google Maps (taken in 2010) - all that green pasture is now under water as you can see from the very first photo.  What a transformation!


  1. The countryside is looking good at the moment, lets hope the summer is not too dry as it will be a bad bushfire season coming up if it is.

  2. Oh Joluise, what spectular beauty. You have captured some beautiful pictures there. Thank you for sharing this lovely area of Australia :)


  3. Oh dear I think I should have had my glasses on this morning, that is not how you spell spectatular lol!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place to picnic at!! And your photos are gorgeous - you really have a knack/natural talent with photography - I reckon you could easily sell photos like those!! :)

  5. I wish I had travelled there while I lived in Australia when I was a teenager. I might have stayed instead of returning to the US!!!

  6. You took beautiful pictures! I 2nd Ciara's comment about you having an eye and that you could sell those pictures! :-)

    1. Yes, I took all these photos, I love photography and do quite a bit, but never sold anything at this stage.

  7. I've seen the name of that town umpteen times when we've driven down to victoria but didn't realize how beautiful it was !

    1. Its more beautiful at the moment because the river is in flood - but its in such a gorgeous spot in the mountains.


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