V is for vacuum cleaner

My DH loves to vacuum.

If I suggest that I vacuum the house, he will quite often say, "no, I will do it for you". Happy to oblige, I allow him to do it (this isn't something we argue over).  He particularly loves to see how much dirt he can lift out of the carpets and will eagerly show me how clever he and the vacuum cleaner have been.  

So imagine his sadness when our Dyson vacuum cleaner died on Friday afternoon.  However, after some calculations, we worked out that we have used our vacuum cleaner for 8 years x 365 days of the year = 2920 vacuums around the house (yes, we vacuum everyday). This worked out to be 23 cents per clean. Not too bad we thought!!

So, what to buy?  They range in price from as little as $70 all the way to $1000.  Spending a $1000 on a vacuum cleaner is a bit pricey (that's the price of a computer and a computer can do far more than a vacuum cleaner).  Do we change brands, do we want one with bags or bag-less, up-right or barrel - decisions, decisions. In the end we bought the same as before, a Dyson as it has done a very good job, in particular cleaning up Ruby's hair.  We went for bag-less (no addition costs) and barrel (as we have no where to keep an up-right).

As usual, Ruby loved helping DH with the unpacking (or getting in the way)!!  And I got in the way when taking her photograph.

So, once out of the box, DH whizzed around the house doing an excellent job (as always) and very pleased at the amount of dirt he was able to draw out of the carpets. Its very important to keep our husbands happy, and mine certain is with his new vacuum cleaner!!  I am sure we will have very clean carpets.


  1. We have a Dyson they are pretty good, I had a Kirby years ago , it cost a fortune and they stopped selling in Australia and I couldn't get the bags so I made a material bag but the suction wasn't so good then I had one that only lasted for a month,the next one had flames shooting out of it but i am happy with my Dyson.

  2. Our 10 yr old Dyson "died" a couple of months ago and we thought we'd have to buy a new one too.
    We contacted the company and learned that they could fix it if they had all the needed parts or else give us $250 trade-off on a new one.
    They had it picked up, transported to and repaired in Sydney and returned back home in less than a week!
    For $170 it's like brand new again.
    Dyson were fabulous to deal with!
    Very efficient and fast and extremely helpful.
    Hubby and I were so impressed and glad to discover we didn't have to replace our cleaner just yet.
    It is an old model that is no longer being made here but the parts are still available.
    We expect to get a lot more years out of it now.
    It's so nice to find companies who live up to their publicity :-)
    btw.. this is not a "paid commercial" - I'm just happy to get such good service for a change, lol!

    1. When we had trouble with our first Dyson we sent it to them to fix and whilst they had the vacuum cleaner they replaced ither bits and pieces for us and cleaned everything back to new. Yes, we too were very impressed with them. Every now and again you can find a really good company that does the right thing.

  3. Dyson's are fantastic. We've never had any problems with ours - we have the barrel bagless one - I think the same as yours by the sound of it, Jo. They're great, they're not huge, and they usually come with lots of handy attachments for all the different uses. Glad to hear they last so many years - I thought they had a lifetime guarantee?

  4. I've only heard good things about dysons. We have a cheap one only for the very little vacuuming we need to do as we have laminate floors:)


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