A few simple words...

A few simple words can make all the differences to someones day.

Here is a message my DH left me the other day on our chalk board.

He also likes to leave notes on the fridge door as well.

Welcome to November, its hard to believe the year has rushed by so fast. 

What are you plan for November?
Blogland is very quiet at the moment so I am assuming you are all very busy on other things!!


  1. Little notes make a big difference, don't they? :)

    November should be yet another busy month, Lord willing - hoping to finish the school year and complete our 'plans' for next year's home education... And if all keeps rushing along at the current speed, perhaps we'll see some big changes with our house. :) No idea what else we'll be getting up to...

  2. Oh how sweet! Yes, we've been rather busy here with end of year events!

  3. We've been busy here with autumn canning. My husband and I are planning to be away for a week in November, so I've been trying to get some things ready and done before that. I've also taken some time to read and enjoy the milder weather, and my mom and I have started a new exercise program. :-)

    I suppose some Americans have been very distracted by the elections and then the big storm in New England. Lots to keep their attention off of Blogland. Also, the big Christmas push in the commercial realm is under way now, so a lot of folks are distracted with holiday thoughts already. Here we have Thanksgiving this month as well.

    1. The end of the year is sneaking up all too quickly, its hard to believe it's only 7 weeks to Christmas. I feel like the year has run away from me. I have been picking my broad beans and freezing them - this is the first time I grew them and I am very pleased with the results.

      Enjoy your break.

  4. Jo- those little words mean the most-- I treasure them when they come my way!

    1. So do I, sometimes I take a photo is they have been written on the chalk board so I can treasure them even when they are removed.


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