Art Friday: David Walker

Artist: David Walker
Based in the UK

Uses spray painter to create these works

David Walker seems to be one of a few who doesn't tell us very much about himself on his website, so I know very little about him. But here is an extract from an newspaper article by Street Art London:

Once a fan of only black and white (with a little bit of pink thrown in for good measure), David now paints with in explosions of colour following his discovery of a little treasure box of spraypaint tucked away in a studio. His portraits are realistically surreal – the sort of images that make you stare for ages.

"I’m drawn towards the idea of making something beautiful out of what could be classed as lo-brow materials and methods. I don’t use brushes because I want the pieces to raise a question about graffiti and traditional painting as there can be strong preconceived ideas about both. People are normally quite surprised the work is made from spray paint and I think many are also surprised they actually like the work when its outside on a wall; suddenly they have connected with a scene that they previously had no time for at all."


  1. Way better than straight out graffiti! :)


  2. Lovely paintings , they do brighten up the side of a building.

  3. Very eyecatching. They certainly have a graffeti look. But lots of character.

  4. Wow, I love this. And I saw it never before. Wondeful, thanks for sharing.


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