"Children have only one childhood. 
We can fail in business and oftentimes start over and make good. But if we fail in the teaching and training of our children we never get another chance."

Tomorrow's world will be shaped
by what we teach our children today.


A mother's patience it like a tube of toothpaste. 
It's never quite gone!

(all quotes are from the book "Amish Proverbs" by Suzanne Woods Fisher)

Isn't this the sweetest illustration.  I still have my mother, I can't imagine how hard it is when you loose yours. To all those who no longer have a mother to talk to (now in heaven) - in my prayers.


  1. My mum died when I young, it's been 30 years but I still miss her.

  2. We go through different seasons where it means more to us to have no mother, but it is always there - she's gone =( And it doesn't matter how old you are when she goes - it ALWAYS hurts!

  3. I've seen people of all ages lose their mother, and I don't think it makes any difference in how much it hurts/brings grief... And I don't think the sadness ever goes away, either. I do think however that when one's mother has lived a very long life (ie. died of old age), it's easier to rationalise their death in your mind - at least that is what I have noticed amongst people who have lost their mother when she was old.
    Those quotes are all so true. You do wonder what you would do without your mother. The reality is that life doesn't stop, and the world never stops turning despite you feeling like it should - at least at first. :(

  4. My mum just got back from India and it was so nice to see her again. We have lots to catch up on. I am praying she'd have a long life.


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