Advice to teenagers

What do you think?

Are our modern teenagers too lazy?

I think some are, but certainly not all. However, they didn't get to this point without their parents allowing it to happen.  They aren't mowing the lawn, washing the windows or doing the dishes because their parents haven't made them do these tasks as they were growing up.  It involves too much effort for parents, so they don't bother.

My two boys were helping with the housework from when they were little (it was hard work at time keeping them on track). Each were given a task to do and they learn how to do it, vacuum, dust, clean the toilet, put the groceries way, dry the dishes. Isn't that part of being in a family! Now that they have left home they can both manage their own homes - cook and clean (skills every male should have, its not just the domain of girls).   I can't imagine what the houses of these untrained teenagers will be like!!! 
When everyone is pulling their weight at home what a differences it can make - even those who are very small!!!  Housework becomes much more manageable and it gets done quicker.  Mum shouldn't be doing it all. 
Isn't this adorable:))
(thanks Clara)


  1. What wonderful advice. I have given my children chores since they were little too, alot of the trouble in our house comes from neighbours kids who don't have to do chores and are always wanting playmates, so they come looking for ours. Maybe I should be putting some cleaning items in their hands and getting them to role up there sleeves too. I hope it is ok to reprint this newspaper article, I would like to print it and hang it on my wall.
    Great post. Blessings NEll

  2. Great post Jo! Thanks for sharing. xxx

  3. It's definitely a lot of effort to teach them how to do chores when they are small :) My mum didn't get us to do much growing up but I'm changing that with my dd:)

  4. Ahh, I really like this newspaper clipping. And yes, my children are learning to do pretty much any and all chores around the house. Not that they do any chore exclusively - we all share the chores around here. :)
    I think you've done a great job, Jo - too many boys are left out of being taught household chores.


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