General up-date on "stuff"

I thought I would give you a general update of "stuff" that I have been up to - not that I lead the most exciting life!!  
  • Bulbs are planted - so far 45 in total (a mix of jonquils and daffodils) - more to be planted over the next few weeks.
  • Garlic is planted - the ones I planted last year didn't grow big enough - I think I planted them far too late, second attempt:))))  So far I have planted 24 but I am wondering if I should buy some more - what do you think?
  • Planted the patio Pink Lady apple tree - it has been in a pot for 4 years but not very happy (pot bound), so into the ground it has gone and to my surprise it hasn't even looked stressed over what I did to it. See the little owl I have put next to it - cute!!
  • Third skirt is now finished (below) - I am pretty pleased with this one (a woollen skirt perfect for winter), pattern matches back and front and it has the most gorgeous red lining which feels very sophisticated!!  Do you generally line your winter skirts?
  • Next skirt almost cut out - trying out the new 1950's style pattern (below). I love selecting lining that matches the fabric.
  • No, I don't really need anymore clothes (I have heaps of skirts) - but the fun of making them means I will probably end up with heaps more and they aren't costing very much to make as the fabric hasn't been expensive - the one about is $10 for the fabric and $8 for the lining + $4 for the zip!!
  • What do you think of this fabric - creating 2 cushions for the new sofa bed that we are buying for my study.  The mother and baby elephants are SO cute:)))  Will share with you the finished product sometime soon. 
  • Bought some white fabric to make a summer skirt (always have trouble finding white skirts in the store that are white (and not winter white) and not see-through) - will make that much later in the year.

  • When it comes to bowls, I always think a kitchen can do with a few more. I found these in Target and just loved the pattern inside. They remind me of the 1930s, something my grandmother might own.
  • Also from Target - a cute little owl, the plate isn't very large and has no use really, but looks pretty on the shelf. My daughter-in-law went and bought one as she is a fan of owls. 
And finally, I wanted to finish with this - what an excellent idea - a small bookcase in the bathroom/toilet. So cool!!!


  1. You've been busy! All lovely.

    1. Thanks Ruby! Sometimes I wonder how I fit it all in:))

  2. They all look so lovely Jo! unfortunately I'm no gardener so can't give you much advice lol! hmmm not sure about the book case in the toilet, what about the moisture? :)

    1. My loo is far too small anyway:))) but the idea is good!!

      Have a lovely week.

  3. The owl (Pink Lady) needs a perch...
    The owl - plate - looks like a spoon plate when stirring things then you need somewhere for the dirty spoon until next stir.
    My loo isn't big enough for a bookcase!!

    1. My branches aren't strong enough for Miss Owl! I hadn't thought of spoon holder for the china owl, good idea. If only my loo was bigger, it's a great idea:)))

  4. I love jonquils and daffodils, and Pink Lady apples. :-) Very nice additions. My dad (our "gardener") was telling us recently that garlic takes 18 months (I think) to mature - over a year. So, perhaps it hadn't grown long enough.

    The winter skirts I've made have been corduroy, denim and flannel mostly. I have not lined any of them, though it probably would be good to line flannel so it wouldn't stick to stockings or socks.

    Those Target bowls are really neat! :-)

    1. According to the "gardening" man in our local newspaper - we need to plant the garlic in April (before the frosts arrive) and they should be ready for picking at the end of December. I planted mine last year a month late and they may have something to do with it - it will be interesting to see the results of this batch!!

      I line my skirts as they sling to my stockings/tights and I really don't like that as they don't hang very well. They also have splits at the back and that makes it to difficult to wear a slip, so its easier just to line them all.

      The bowls have been really useful, I am using them when I prepare food as I did tonight - I might have to see what else they have!!

  5. I just LOVE LOVE those bowls & also the elephant fabric too. yes and the owl platter too!

    1. Target is the place to visit.

      As I just mentioned to Mary (above) - the bowls are so handy when preparing food and you just need a little bowl. I might have to visit Target again!! My daughter-in-law got some for herself as she though they were cute.

  6. You're going to have a beautiful flower display when all those bulbs flower! :)

    I don't know anything about growing garlic (yet) - but do let me know how they go so I'll know what to do when we grow some!

    Love your red winter skirt - you've done a beautiful job of it! Look forward to seeing the brown one and the elephant cushions when they are done! Very cute.

    Those bowls are lovely.

    I think I'd be a little worried about the moisture if I put books in a toilet/bathroom, but it is a nifty idea for extra spaces that you want to make use of, even if not in the toilet!! :)

    1. Yet to wear the red skirt as it hasn't been cold enough! I have had a busy day so no sewing today - instead I have been cleaning out cupboards and rearranging things. Gave a heap of things to my eldest - de clutter my house and fill up his!!

      I think the bookshelves are in a down stairs loo so probably very little moisture to worry about!! Not that I can do it anyway as I don't have any space:))

      The bulbs should look lovely when in flower, but that is a few months away!

  7. Hi Jo-- I love all of your pretty skirts-- it's hard not to keep making them-- there are such pretty fabrics available.

    I'm in love with your new bowls from Target---- and I love owls too!


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