Dads at work

Do you know what dads talk about at work?

I don't think the team I work in is completely unique, I hope it isn't, but the dads in our team love to talk about their children. Two of our dads have young children (4 [girl], 3 [boy] and a baby [girl] combined) and we often hear funny (or sometimes sad) stories about their children. . . the new things they have learnt, places they have been, the new words they are learning, problems they might be having, funny stories etc . . . but most importantly it is very clear that these dads love being a dad and they love their job as "dad". 

These dads love talking about their children both between themselves but with the rest of the team and we love to hear the latest stories.  Other team members have teenage children and young adults (three are turning 21 this year) and stories are shared about all the joys and dramas of having teenage children.

There is a misconception that once at work we don't think about our children or our homes. Very wrong - it is often our main conversation (when not working) and our dads are right in there discussing their children, the meal they (or their wife) cooked, outings, home activities and the like. 

We often talk about what to cook for dinner or the best way of doing something. We share recipes as we all home cook and sometimes share cookbooks and cooking magazines and yes, our dads are all part of these activities. 

It would interesting to know if other dads discuss their children at work or do they think these things are private and shouldn't be discussed.


  1. Do they have lots of nice things to say about their wives too? My hubby loves to talk about his wife and his bunnies! =)

    1. Yes they do which is nice to hear . Yesterday we heard all about their Morhers Day shopping trip with their children to buy presents for mum. It was very funny.

  2. Dan says he's a really private person and he really doesn't talk about family life with his workmates at all. He would talk about outings or meals that have been made and occasional anecdotes, but he thinks a lot of it isn't appropriate to talk about...
    I have no idea - personally I would have no problem talking about things with others... But there you have another point of view from Dan. I think one of the reasons he might not talk about things is because our life revolves around God and the Bible and Christian things and his workmates are atheists and tend to mock Christianity etc... So... perhaps that explains why he doesn't talk about us much??

    1. Most of the dads talk about day-to-day activities which are often quite general e.g. went to the park and this is what happened or get what happen during dinner or a new word the three year old has learnt. Those sorts of conversations tend not to involve religion/Christianity per sa but no one would mock others in the team if it came up in conversation anyway. I think it depends on the make up of the group and how they respect others.

      We are a very chatty bunch so that does make a differences, not sure what would happen if we had someone quiet - so far it has never happened.

  3. So interesting to read Jo! I know my hubby does too with his colleagues and guess what...they enjoy a cake at morning tea time whenever its one if their kids or wives birthdays (besides their own lol)


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