Art Friday: Emily Hilda Nicholas

Artist: Emily Hilda Nicholas (nee Rix)
(1884 - 1961)

Born: Victoria, Australian (lived in Britain and Paris)

These are lovely soft gentle pieces of art (but also very Australian), just love the work of this artist. If you have time, check out her bio as she is a very interesting lady.

Autumn, evening glow
Studio in Paris
Rix in horse back
Picardy girl
Sylvia and friend at Mosman
Afternoon sunlight
Catching the horse
Bringing in the sheep
On the hill top
Spring time

The art of Emily Hilda Nicholas is being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra until 11 August 2013. I do hope I can find the time to see this beautiful collection of her works. 


  1. Jo, these are beautiful! The softer colours are not representative of my part of this big country but I love them and think they are probably realistic for some of the cooler softer environments. Rix on horseback is rather like a "Billabong" illustration.

    1. Now that you have said the "BIllabong" books, they all remind me of that in some way or other - Noah as a younger girl, Norah as a young woman. Perhaps that is why I like them so much. Even Noah's brother.

  2. Yes, They made me think of the Billabong books too. I have been in parts of Australia that look like that ~ not my present location though!

  3. They are very soft and pastel - quite nice. Very muted, too - not vibrant and bright like some artists. Both have their place :) These are quite nice; calming artwork.


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