The royal couple

I read the following in a local newspaper about the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I really liked this list as its quite old fashion in its view, just look at point 5. What a beautiful couple these two make.


1. Because they still seem so authentically smitten. Always a smile for each other, never a strained glance, their love is so tangible it makes other people happy. For example, the picture of Prince William collecting Kate, who had been struck down with severe morning sickness, from hospital was simple but really touching.

2. Because, as a team, they provide something reliably decent in a crazy world. Together and apart they make themselves so accessible, getting amongst crowds, smiling freely, and seeming to enjoy being friendly to other people. They don't trash their brand on social media, or act affected by their position, or seem to be acting. They just seem so thoroughly nice.

3. Kate seems determined to remain a real person, as well as a princess. Her first photo op as a married woman was in the car park of a supermarket near home - in jeans, pushing a trolley. She started the way she meant to continue, and we remember it.

4. William seems so utterly certain of his choice of wife, and so happy to be married to her. Since we saw the tragic image of him as a teen walking behind his mother's hearse, many have actually cared - from a distance - about his happiness.

5. Kate covers up. It seems an obvious one, but so many celebrities - and even royals - haven't copped on to the fact that less glitz and bling is more with fashion. Kate knows she has nothing to prove and keeps it classic. She's never descended to the ranks of try-hard. No statement splits, no over-plunging cleavages, and other than the invasive topless holiday shot, no risks - especially with maternity wear. Kim Kardashian take note.

6. They've been able to stay under the gossip radar partly because they've had their single siblings to take the heat. Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry have provided plenty of dating distraction, allowing Wills and Kate to settle into the role of old (gorgeous young) marrieds.

7. The apparently very grounded Prince William offers hope for parents who've been through divorce that their kids can not only develop into functional adults, but forge good relationships of their own.

8. We love a happy ending. The fact the couple split, then got back together, then married and are now expecting a child is a pleasing narrative.

9. All things old fashioned, including values, are so in. And Wills and Kate are old-fashioned-values-on-legs: respectful of themselves and others, and their families, loyal, apparently sincere, and happy to serve. Bless 'em.

By Wendy Tuohy

There are a few famous celebrities who could take a leaf out of their book as there is a lot to be said about many of our Hollywood "stars", young and older.  


  1. Yes, I like the fact that occasionally we still get a glimpse of "nice" in our horrible ugly world. I do hope they manage to stick it out through thick and thin.

  2. As a family the Royals have not done well in their relationships. I would be more than happy if just one worked ~ particularly that of our future king!


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