The tolling of the bells

On Fridays I leave work at 4pm which gives me time on the way home to stop and take some photos. This Friday I stopped off at the National Carillon to take photos of the sunsetting over the lake. It was beautiful to see. But to make it even more special, the bells of the carillon were ringing and the sounds across the lake were just magical.  Its these sorts of scenes that make getting every day so worth it. 
The bell tower contains 55 bronze bells ranging in size from 7 kilograms to 6 tonnes. Most bell towers contain around 35 bells, making this one quite large and impressive. It towers 50 metres in height. 
Looking towards the Carillon across the lake.
Looking up to the top floor of the tower where the bells are located.
The last of Autumn, today is the first day of winter and outside it is cold and wet. 
The bridge across to the island to the bell tower.
Best viewed large.


  1. Wow - 55 bells! That must sound amazing! x

  2. I didn't know those facts about the bell tower - honestly, I don't even remember knowing that IS a bell tower!!!
    Excellent photos, as usual! :)

  3. Oh my goodness dear Jo- what a beautiful place! That tree-- I've never seen anything like it!! What a wonderful place to enjoy at the end of your day-- and to hear the bells would be so beautiful!
    Your photos are stunning:)

  4. You really take beautiful pictures :-)


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