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The simple things in life - photography by Joluise

This will be quick entry today as I can't sit for very long in my chair. My back is playing up something bad at the moment and its better if I am standing or lying than sitting at a computer desk right now.

Just letting you know the exciting news that my son won the job he applied for and will start sometime soon. He is over the moon as this is a traineeship that will give him a whole new direction and set up his future career path.  My prayers were most certainly answered.


Here is a great recipe I made last night for dinner - its healthy but so yummy. Best eaten with crusty bread and loads of butter!!!  I added more vegetables to mine (needed to use some up) and didn't bother with the lemon juice and yoghurt bit at the end: http://www.eatlove.com.au/recipes/lentil-silverbeet-and-lamb-köfte-soup/3663/. For those who are vegetarian, skip the lamb kofte and use a vegetable stock and it would taste just as yummy.  This is a great website, my husband found it for me one day and I have used it a couple of times. 


Found this interesting news link on a woman who decided to live a year "of modesty" and the criticism she got from certain quarters. She is now writing a book on the experience.


As to my book this week, something very different to last week (that had me in tears), this one is called "Uncommon Arrangements: Seven portraits of married life in London literacy circles, 1910-1939" by Katie Roiphe. It is a fascinating read and I am already a third through it. We look at the modern Hollywood stars and talk about their behaviour and morals, well it was happening at the end of the Victorian era and well and truly into the Edwardian era -- the bohemian ideals of freedom and equality were in full pursuit.  HG Wells was a very interesting character with all his lovers.  This one won't require any tissues. 

And once my back is better I am looking forward to making some pies from a book that I just received in the post "The lost art of pie making" by Barbara Swell


Better get back to my heat pack which does make my back feel much better. 

I will be away for the latter half of this week so don't expect too much in Blogland until next week.  Hopefully by then I will have some exciting photos to share with you and some stories to tell. 

May you all have a blessed week.

Hugs all round



  1. Very glad to hear he got the job! :)
    Very sorry to hear about your back. I hope it's feeling better really soon. Will you be able to go to work, or is it too painful?
    Your pie making book sounds great! Will you share a recipe or two from it??? :D
    The modesty experiment article was interesting... I'm not sure why people think she was "putting just as much time and energy into her appearance as the vain women she pities"... I know some women spend a long time in front of the mirror putting on their make-up, and in the absence of that alone, I personally absolutely don't put that much time and energy into my appearance... The part about finding a boyfriend while dressing modest was interesting...

  2. Hi Jo- that is such wonderful news about your sons job- I know you must just be over the moon excited for him! I wish him well as he begins this new chapter in his life--
    The soup looks great-- I'd leave out the lamb.


  3. Great news about the job :-)


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