Art Friday: Knitting

Google imagines
She looketh well to the
ways of her household,
and eateth no the
bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

I thought this photo was delightful, but sums up an earlier age where women were always busy. 

Busy in both "work" but also when relaxing.  Their hands were rarely idle. They knitted, embroidered, made lace, patchwork, clothing . . . whilst some were for decorative purposes, much of what they made were for everyday wear. Women didn't see these activities during their relaxation in the evenings as toil, most enjoyed these quiet moments of creativity.  My great-aunts worked on their farms during the day, but in the evenings made the most beautiful lace work and embroidery, with the finest of stitches in what we would consider very poor lighting. 

Whilst many women no longer do these types of craft activities any more, many still do and this is evident by the number of craft stores, quilting groups, books sold etc...  Lets hope the next generation of women continue this tradition. 

And these activities are not only for the evening. We have a group of women at work who meet at lunch time and knit and chat.  Its a scene that could have been played in any century throughout history.

As a result of the above photo, I thought todays Art Friday would pay homage to all the knitters throughout history. 

Happy knitting!


  1. Dear Joluise, I think this is so goood! I taught myself to knitt a couple of years ago, but I now need a teacher...
    I have always loved seeing women with their bag filled with something they are working on.
    The pictures were wonderful, they made me laugh a good sweet chuckle.
    Blessings my friend, Roxy

    1. I'm the lady at the end:)))) love the expression on her face!!!!

  2. Very interesting to see knitting featured in so much art. :-) I collected some paintings (online) of letter writing - another "lost art" that is only done by the few now. It would make an interesting series, wouldn't it - all the homelike skills and lost arts that used to be so common? Some are returning, though. Quilting has become very popular again.

    1. I might have to look at art that covers other home-craft activities. I found the knitting whilst caring for animals interesting as many women did work on the farms and like us today, they multi-tasked!

      The number of books on sale that cover arts and crafts show that these are still quite popular activities and there is a whole host of courses that one can attend. I still think women like to be creative and this is one way to do it.

  3. I would never have thought to look for artwork that has knitting in the subject!! Very creative, Jo! :) And yes, it would be interesting to see artwork that shows lots of different home activities!!

    1. It shows that knitting can be done anyway at any time!!


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