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The other day in the newspaper were a list of "habits" that men don't like about women and those that women don't like about men.  I thought I would share them with you.  What do you think? Correct?

Things that men don't like about women (source)

Women don't get to the point quickly: Whilst men use 'direct talk' - they have a start and a conclusion and they keep it shorter than women, women don’t do this as much. Whereas women drop hints and clues hoping the male in his wisdom can work it out. For men it's all a big mystery.

Women multi-track: When women are speaking their hearing is switched on. When males are talking their hearing is switched off.  Men either speak or listen which is the reason why when men talk there is only one talking.

Nagging: It's only men that call it nagging. If it's a woman nagging a man she is reminding him of things that he hasn't done. Nagging - the act of repeatedly saying the same thing over and over again - is particularly a problem in young women.

Exaggeration: Women have an emotive style when they talk, they will use exaggeration to make a point. A popular one is, ''You always do it''. It only makes men seize on the definition of the word - ''I don't ALWAYS do it''.

Not initiating sex enough: simple.

Shopping: If a male is going to buy something he will look for it online or in the Yellow Pages and then go out and buy it. For women, shopping is a day out.

Things that women don't like about men (source)

Providing solutions: "Every problem has a solution" is the male thinking. Whereas females will repeat the same thing to every friend, their mum, their next door neighbour ... They repeat the same thing over and over. But men are like, 'I already told you what to do'. Most males think women are expecting them to fix it. In good faith the man offers advice but makes the woman more upset. The thing is often women are not talking about problems, they are talking because they want to release stress. Universally, a woman is saying to a guy 'I want to talk to you about something but I don't want you to say anything'.

Channel surfing: Scenario: You're watching a program and as soon as a commercial comes on your man flicks the channels. Men dominate TV remote controls and flick through the channels; women don't mind watching the commercials. Channel surfing is a stress relief for men. Women like drama because it drags on for weeks and months and years.

Men won't ask for directions: Women will say 'we have passed that place four times, we are 20 minutes late, let's stop and ask for directions'. But men do not want to be wrong. Men see it as having failed in their number one evolutionary task - making the right decisions about everything.

Toilet seat up: Women want it down because it looks neater. Men don't, they think it's just a toilet. When the toilet seat is down it creates a bit of stress.

Men tell gross jokes: Men don't talk about intimate subjects, whereas women will talk about intimate details over coffee and all. Any subject that involves a pain or embarrassment males joke about. Women console each other and even cry.

Men don't listen: The male brain is organised to do one thing at a time. If a male is watching TV and he is holding the remote control, when you talk he cannot hear - all he hears is white noise.


I have to say that some of those listed about women are true - women do nag, in fact its even in the bible so its been a problem for a very long time. As to shopping - I know women who do this, I personally don't like wasting my day (or money) wandering around shops, I am usually in and out quite quickly or shop online.

As for the list about men - from personal experience, my husband forgets things I tell him, so I find its better not to "overload" him with information. Yes, my husband is poor with directions, so I often drive instead and that solves any arguments. And as for the crude jokes - none of the men I know do this around me.   Toilet seats, quietly deal with it if its an issue - not worth nagging or fighting over! And no, my husband doesn't channel surf, I usually have the control if we watch TV!

What would you list?


  1. I agree with some of the list, and disagree with other parts, and think some of them apply to both men AND women.
    Some men nag just as much if not more than women... And it's not pretty coming from them, either.
    Some men exaggerate just as much, too.
    I don't shop all day, either - I often shop in the same way you do, Jo. Occasionally I don't mind a wander around the shops - it is my only time out from normal daily life, so I enjoy it occasionally.
    I don't have a toilet seat issue in this house, thankfully!
    I have noticed that men do tell jokes about serious things - not always gross jokes, but it's their way to deal with hard things sometimes (it's either that or get depressed!)... And I hate how inappropriate it is to joke about something serious.
    Oh, and I detest the way men can't just listen - they always have to try to solve things - that is SO maddening! And why can't they just listen and pay attention when we speak?!? And then they tell you that your memory is bad because you didn't tell them something - except you DID tell them, they just didn't bother listening. So frustrating!

    1. Yes of course - these don't necessarily belong to just men or women.

      The only two shops I would linger in for longer than I should would be a book shop and a second-hand-shop!! But to be honest, I do most of my shopping online these days and generally in the evening!

      If I tell my dear husband that I am doing something on day xx (in a few weeks time) I know he will completely forget when the date comes around, so I generally leave things to the last moment. I also write things on the calendar that hangs on the fridge door but he doesn't look at that much. I have thought about writing something outrageous and see if he notices:))

    2. Yes!! You should write something outrageous just to see if he notices!! That would be hilarious!!! :D Like, "fly to Johannesburg" or something equally as silly!! ;) (If you do it, let me know what the reaction is!!)

  2. Hello, I just wanted to say as soon as I read your last post, I prayed for your dear cousin.

    Now on this last post: I really try not to nag, it always reminds me of an old horse (snicker snicker).
    My hubby has always been a proper gentlmen with the seat thingamabob! :0)
    But he does not ask for directions while driving, but for some reason will ask the very first clerk in a store where an item might be located WHAT!!
    I also only like to take my leisure in an antique store. But for regular stuff shop and get out quickly.
    I have better things to do!
    Great post as usual. I really enjoy chatting with you!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thankyou for your prayers:)

      I love antique stores and quite enjoy wandering around thrift stores too - never know what treasures I can find. I usually do this sort of shopping alone so I don't bore anyone else!! One of the reasons I generally shop online is its quicker and I do it from the comfort of bed at night:)) and there is no car parking to think about!!!


  3. I liked reading that - it gave me a chuckle!
    I agree with some and not with others. My hubbie isn't into crude jokes (thankfully) and we don't have toilet seat issues.
    Yes he channel surfs and it drives me crazy lol and I definitely don't get to the point quickly when I'm trying to explain things to him hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. As my husband rarely watches TV (we generally only watch DVDs) this isn't an issue, but if I am alone watching TV I will channel surf in a desperate search for anything good!!


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