New project

I found this great yarn at Lincraft called Giggles. Its pale blue (baby blue) and will become a very soft and fluffy scarf. Not the sort that will keep me very warm, but it will look quite stylish with a white or blue t-shirt at work or when I go out. 

This time I am using the right needles and its coming along nicely. It won't be as quick as the previous scarf, but that's ok as its less likely to hurt my hands like those huge needles I used last time.

To give you an idea of what the thread look like. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished project! =)

  2. The yarn looks very soft and cuddly - will make a lovely scarf! Look forward to seeing it when it's done. :)

    1. Will take me a while as I have several projects happening at once!

  3. The yarn looks lovely. I've heard that using yarn that has 'bits' lose on it and not one piece can be quite hard to knit with - though I've never tried so can't give a personal opinion about it! I hope it works out well for you :-) Be sure to update us when you get it done!


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