Update: Its August!

Photography by Joluise
Dear friends and family,

August has arrived, not sure where July went, but it has and there is no going back. I always enjoy the arrival of August - firstly it is the last month of winter, secondly it is the month that my son got married (happy 1st wedding anniversary) and thirdly and finally . . . it is the month that both my daughter-in-law and I have a birthday. And I like birthdays!! Very much!!  One can never be unhappy on their birthday month. 

Its been a good week. Even though it has been busy at work, it has been positive and the work really interesting . . . coming home at the end of the day and knowing I was able to get a bunch of things done and helped a range of people is a good feeling.  On the home front, everything is running smoothly (why won't it!!) . . . except for the washing machine that appears to be having a few hiccups.  If it doesn't behave its self, we may need to invest in a new one. For those in Australia - I buy all my appliances through Appliances Online as they are cheaper, don't charge delivery fees, take the old one away and for us, they arrive the next morning.

Today's very cold so I am staying indoors to keep warm - but I love days like this, snug and warm in my burrow!!

NEW recipes I would like to try this week:

Warm chorizo and potato salad

Potato and beef ragu lasagne

Spanish tuna pasta bake (this would be easy for children to make too)

What have you made recently?  We are eating lots of curries at the moment - easy to make, one pot dishes that are yummy with rice and often I add naan bread.  You can add lots of vegetables and they are very healthy too.  I made twice what I need and freeze half for another meal.  

Books, books and more books:

I have just started to read the novel "The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry" by Rachel Joyce and so far so good. Its about Harold, newly retired and not happy sets off on a mission across Britain (by foot) to help an elderly friend who is dying of cancer.   Its a story of his journey and the people he meets along the way, all with their own problems to share. 

Do buy your books or borrow from the library?

I was buying all mine but discovered a major problem - space, I was fast running out. Now I am borrowing most of the books I read and only buying the ones I really want and will reuse. Our library network is very good and there is hardly a book I can't find which is excellent. I even borrow cookbooks before I decide to buy them - a bit of "try before I buy" save buying cookbooks that I wouldn't use.

New addition to the study - fairy lights along the top of the bookshelves!!  It looks lovely at night!!

Time to go and put the pork in the oven for dinner - nothing beats pork with roast vegetables and gravy.  And crackling is the best part of pork roast. Yum!!!!  Not healthy, but who cares once in a while!


If bookworms ruled the world, 
red lights would be long enough 
to finish just one more chapter.


  1. Glorious day here. No sign yet of the usualy August winds. As I blogged a while ago, I have severely culled our books and will be borrowing a lot more now. Same reason....not enough space in this new place. I am imagining your garden is going to be gorgeous in a month or so.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Our library network is very good and seems to have all the latest books released plus the old classics so I am yet to find a book they don't have. I also read quite quickly and when a book only takes me a couple of days I don't feel like I have got my moneys worth!!!

      The garden is not quite there yet, winter always batters it a bit but shortly the bulbs will start the flower and the snow peas will start the grow and I will know spring isn't that far away.

      Have a lovely weekend (what is left of it) and a lovely week ahead.

  2. I also like to 'try before I buy' in regards to books, and the library is very handy for this. Have just this week bought some knitting books after 'discovering' them at the library. Should imagine I can save money by only getting what I know will be useful =)

    I am reading "The Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent - yep, another midwife book. And I am discovering that I can knit and read! Yah! That means I feel very virtuous! Not wasting time at all! Especially as I am currently knitting a scarf for DH and he would like it before next winter =)

    Hope the next week is a good one too!



    1. I am interested in some cookbooks by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall but they are pricy - this way I can see if I will get value for money before I buy. It is an excellent idea for us savvy buyers!!! Also perfect for knitters too!!

      My trouble with reading and knitting as that my book doesn't sit flat, I am pretty sure my mother used pegs to hold the pages flat. I agree about doing two things at once - mine you, the other night I watched iView (ABC online) whilst knitting in bed and felt quite clever about that too.

  3. Last night I made chicken fried steak strips for the first time. Oh wow, were they delicious. I have been making lots of new things lately as I got a new cookbook.

    You are looking forward to your spring and I am looking forward to autumn! Autumn is my favorite.

    Have a blessed week!

    1. I love making new things and there is nothing better than find a new recipe that everyone loves. With just the two of us, I try and make things I know my husband will really like as it makes him happy:)))

  4. It's already spring-like here and absolutely gorgeous with blue skies, warm sunshine and lovely cool breezes! :) I love this weather!!

    I tried a new recipe yesterday - I made Dan American biscuits and gravy - and he said I nailed it! Even when I was cooking it, he could tell what it was (even though I hadn't told him what I was cooking), because it smelled just right! I was very pleased.

    I never borrow books from the local library because I just don't read much at this point in my life. Too much sewing and cooking, cleaning, school preparation (at certain times of year - which involves loads of reading in a short space of time), and work to be done.

    1. Its the one activity I couldn't do without. I generally read in bed before I go to sleep and getting from the library saves on lots of money and space!!

      Glad you weather has been lovely - we haven't had a cold winter this year (hardly any frost) which is a worry.

  5. Yes where did July go?!?!? I still feel like this year should only be up to March or so lol!
    Happy upcoming birthday! ;-)
    Yay for winter nearly being over!

    1. Whilst I will be glad to move into Spring, it feels really hard to believe that it is now August. I've hardly had time to catch my breath and it will be September!!!


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