Weekly report: Spring is in the air

Spring is on its way
Dear friends and family,

I can see spring in my garden and it has put a spring in my feet!!  My first jonquils and daffodils are flowering.  The cherry tree is in full bloom and the bees have arrived and I was very pleased to see tiny flowers on my Maple Tree. Winter won't be around very much longer, even birds seem to have a louder song to sing.
The first jonquil in the garden
First buds on the Maple Tree
Pink Cockatoos - these birds mate for life and are very affectionate to each other.
I thought I would share this story with you:

I went out this morning to the fruit and veg markets to buy a half of duck (to make red duck curry) and to pick up some cat food for Ruby. While I was buying the cat food, an older lady came up to me and asked me what sort of cat I had. A cat lover can't help but talk about their cat to someone else, so I was more than happy to chat about Ruby!! I said that I had a Ragdoll cat and the lady said to me "I have two ragdolls who are 5 months old". Well, that meant a long conversation about our cats, for at least 20 mins in the pet store!! Some mothers might talk about their children, others have long conversations about their cats!!  

A complete stranger, someone who just wanted to connect with someone else for a moment - she has 6 children and many grandchildren but sadly lost her husband last year and the cats are her new friends, they keep her company. One of the reasons why I talk to strangers - it can make all the differences to their day.  


And finally, I thought this verse was very relevant at the moment for us in Australia - we are currently mid way through the Federal Election to determine our next government. Whilst the newspapers and television is full of election "noise", it isn't true, noble, pure, lovely or of good report - only the word of God is that and it is His words we need to meditate on and not those of politicians/man. 

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on these things.

Philippians 4:8 (NKJV)


  1. Lovely photos - what a joy to see those pretty flowers. I miss flowers - I must get around to planting something pretty in my garden soon. I'm going to choose one rose plant to have (for now), but I'm having a really hard time deciding which one to pick!!
    I love this spring weather we've been having up here for the past couple weeks. I've been picking strawberries and zucchini and lettuce from the garden for a few weeks now, and today I was able to harvest almost all my beetroot and cook, slice and pickle them - very exciting. Pickled beets is one of my favourite parts of gardening.
    I need to plant more beets.
    And I need a bigger garden!
    We had some galahs here this week - the first ones I've seen in this area. They have a very nice call, and I love their colouring.

    Talking about the elderly this week... When I went to the supermarket on Wednesday, I went through the cash register before an elderly lady, but by the time I had finished fiddling around with my trolley, she had gone through (she was only getting a few things) and we walked out together. She was so talkative - a lovely lady - and seemed lonely and wanting to chat, so we stopped by the side of the parking lot and had a long chat. Sometimes you don't even need to know someone's name in order to reach out to them and have a chat or be a listening ear. :)

    1. And your elderly lady went home feeling so much better just like mine did. We can all make such a difference to someone else day and it doesn't cost anything but some of our time. If more people invested that little bit of time what a difference the world would be.

      Your veg garden sounds great and doing very well. I noticed my strawberries are growing fruit which is a worry if we get any heavy frosts . Early this year I moved the strawberries from the ground to a large terracotta pot and they are doing so much better. I think the pot has kept them warmer thus winter.

      I found the old fashion roses do better than the modern ones that seem to be more touchy to grow. Also the older ones are more bug resistant .the modern ones have been breed for their scent but sometimes I think that has weaken them.

    2. That's interesting that the strawberries are doing better in the pot - what a good idea.
      Thanks for sharing the info about the roses - I'll definitely keep that in mind when I make my decision. :)

  2. We have galahs all year round here. I like them, they are quiet and pretty, but my lil boy loves to shoo them on - "Go away" he yells at them while clapping his hands - cute but not very caring!
    My garden has been productive of late - peas and spinach are both giving us something fresh to eat, with the broccoli and cauliflower growing strongly. The onions are getting bigger too, and there are a few beets.
    Chats with the elderly, reminded me of the day I was in the bread aisle, and watched an older lady using one hand to push her other arm up to get a loaf of bread. I felt tempted to help, but didn't and was glad when she told me that she has had trouble with her shoulder and is working on improving it - we can be helpful by not helping at times! But I had a bit of a chat with her, and encouraged her to keep on - that was my bit of helping that day.
    A smile often helps too, some people really light up when you give them a smile! And it doesn't cost me anything! =)
    P.S. A few days of temperatures heading towards 25 is giving me hope that the warmer weather is truly coming - but it is the windy month now I think - forecasted winds of 60km/hr tomorrow!

    1. You enjoy your 25C (at least your washing will dry), whilst today is a sunny at 16C here, tomorrow is expected to be wet and 11C and I think one day will be 9C. So I plan to make the most of today for sure!! Won't be putting away the winter woolies anytime soon.

      My snow peas are really growing, I never seem to have trouble with these and my spinach is finally taking off. Did you have problems with slugs and your broccoli? I always seem to.

      I tend to smile at people too and as you say - its a cheap and cheerful thing to do and can really make someones day.

      Ruby (the cat) is loving all this bird activity at the moment and sits at the window "chatting" to herself (true!) about the birds she can see flying past. If the wait is too long between birds she falls asleep.

  3. I love the pictures of your flowers and birds. What pretty birds those are! We get a lot of doves and sparrows in our yard, and robins in the spring.

    1. Thankyou - whilst we are getting excited for spring - you have fall to welcome in and then winter, perhaps not as welcome:)

  4. Beautiful photos - so glad that winter is nearly over :-)
    I have that verse on a post-it that always sits on my desk :-)

    1. Whilst the flowers are shouting "spring" this week will be icy cold. Driving home today the apparent temp (wind chill) was minus 3.8 at 4pm. Thats nippy. It was almost sleeting. Tomorrow is meant to be even colder. Making a yummy leek and potato soup to warm us up!!


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