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Dear friends,

Another week has gone and a new one about to commence. Its been a quiet week for me, however my poor husband has been very busy. As I mentioned last week, our washing machine was playing up and after attempting a load of washing on Monday, we decided it was time to replace it (it would spin when it needed water, add water when it was meant to be washing and then decided to do nothing at all).  The new one arrived on Tuesday (works beautifully) and for the rest of the week DH spent replacing the taps, washers etc and making sure they didn't drip or leak. It might sound like an easy job, but it wasn't . . . it also involved a number of trips to the hardware store and finally the plumbing store. All looks good now, I had complete faith in him that it would work in the end - DH had his doubts!!

My son has completed his first week in his new job. He bought a new outfit last weekend and looked very smart on his first day.  So far, so good which is such great news as this is the commencement of his dream career in IT. And prayers finally answered for my niece who she was offered a job last week.    Well done and I know you will work very hard at your new job. 

How has your week been?  


I just had to share this cake with you . . . no I haven't made it, but I would love to just to see what it tasted like.  Anyone else willing to try? Red kidney bean cake

Source: Good foods

On the cooking front, my husband is making me Cornish Pastries - one of his specialities.  They are always yummy and he makes enough so I can freeze some. Does your husband have a favourite recipe he likes to make for the family?  My dad's was Potato Latkes (German potato pancakes) and we often had them on Sunday nights for dinner.  They were GOOD!!!

Talking of men cooking . . . my son has asked for a KitchenAid for Christmas for bread making!!  No tools in the shed for him - he wants to improve his bread making skills!! and his wife can use it for all the cakes and muffins she makes. Their children are going to have so fabulous meals and be the envy at school!!

Books and more books: 

Finished two books last week and about to hunt through my bookcase for a new book to read. In the evenings I have been reading "Living as a Christian" by A. W. Tozer, Tozer can be a hard read at times, but this one is really good and has made me think quite hard about what living a Christian life is all about. 

In the post arrived two books (always exciting), one was "The fruitful life" by Jerry Bridges, I always enjoy his books, so I think this one will be just as good.  And the second book is "Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Nielson (a Morman) about herself and her husband after surviving a plane crash with Stephanie burnt to 80% of her body and her husband 40%. Sounds interesting but perhaps a sad. 


I know spring is on the way when bulbs flower and the daisies start to multiply.  And thanks to a very mild winter with very little frost and warm temperatures, the strawberries are starting to grow and I have noticed a small flower. Far too early which is a worry.

The snow peas and spring onions are doing very well but the spinach has struggled a little but hopefully they will spring into action after the fertiliser I gave them on Saturday.


This is an Australian Kookaburra, a beautiful proud looking bird with the most lovely "laugh". This young bird is part of a family who live in our street and most mornings I wake to the sound of their laughter and its very special.  This one was sitting my garden the other evening.  As I write this, I can hear them chatting outside my window.


Not all of us can do GREAT things, 
but we can all do SMALL things
with GREAT love.

Mother Teresa


  1. Hehe! Love the real friends quote up the top of your post!! :D

    That's great that your new washer got sorted out... How old was your last one when it died? Ours is 10 years old and I'm keeping a close eye on it - thinking it might not last terribly much longer with the way things are made to be so disposable these days!! :(

    Good to hear about the success of the new job - always difficult starting out in a new job. I hope it works out well for him and he continues to love it.

    I'm not so sure about the bean chocolate cake... I'd be afraid it wouldn't taste right! Let me know if you DO decide to try it, I'd be curious to know how it turns out!!

    This past week I did try a new recipe - it was American biscuits and gravy with homemade American sausage. It was a roaring success - Dan LOVED it and wants me to make it often!! :)

    Dan does have favourite recipes/meals/foods he makes for the family - specifically quesedillas, and ice-cream (separately, not together!!).

    Your new book about the burns accident sounds rather intense! I don't enjoy reading about people's tragedies too much - there's just too much tragedy in the world and dwelling on it just makes me sad.

    Your daisies are looking lovely, and it sounds like your garden is flourishing - I wonder if you will get another cold snap before winter is over? It's been very spring-like here lately and my garden is doing wonderfully too! Very exciting to be bringing in produce and watching blossoms and buds growing out there. :)

    Your kookaburra photo is stunning! We also have kookaburras living locally and love hearing them laugh away every day. We also have resident whistling ducks and magpies (and some other birds I don't recognise), all of which love to serenade us day and night. :)

    1. Starting with your last comment - Kookaburras never seem to wake in a bad mood and every morning I hear their beautiful song sounding cheery - a good reminder for us humans I always think!!

      We might get a cold snap or a cold spring perhaps, hard to tell.

      I don't read miserable books all the time, but this one looked interesting. I like variety and as I read so many I try to have as much variety as possible!! I will tell you about this one when I have finished.

      I would love the hear the recipe for the American biscuits and sausages, sounds interesting. However my DH is Welsh and they aren't always keen on American food!!!

      I might try and the cake just for fun, it can't be that bad can it!!!

      Our washing machine was 7 years old which isn't very old, but I don't think they are made to last very long these days. Dad has the same machine and so far his is doing ok.

      better get back to cooking dinner - would hate to burn something!!!

  2. I am glad you were able to get a new washing machine! Ours was making the loudest, most awful noise a few weeks ago where it sounded like a rocket about to lift off. Ha! I guess it got out of balance because it's fine now. I'm glad because we had to shout to be heard above the noise :)

    I love the Kookaburra! It is a very cute bird. Do you know that song about a Kookaburra? I don't remember all the words but your picture reminded me of it. Have a good day!

    1. Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree,
      Merry merry king of the bush is he.
      Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
      Gay your life must be!

      Sung it many times as a child!!

      Glad to hear your washing machine is going well - nothing worse than having a pile of washing and no machine. It really is a important piece of equipment in a modern home. Whilst I don't mind hand washing some of my clothes, my husbands jeans and out door clothes would be much harder and not a lot of fun!

      Have a lovely day:))

  3. Hello, It is funny how living in different parts of the world, we here are coming to the end of our summer. I do love Fall and Spring best. I just thought what you said on the fixing of the washer is no small task. Because we live so far from town that just getting the right parts is the hardest part of fixing things up. Hope you have a wonderful week, and I think if I must eat cake :) It should be chocolate...
    PS. Do you like to comment on other blogs? I know some people do not. But I hope so :)
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Hi Roxy,

      We only have one car and I take it to work so my husband (who is retired) had to catch the bus to the hardware store (which he doesn't mind) but but for this project he did far more trips than he liked and waited until Saturday to finally finish the job and do all the running about in the car. It is now fine and everyone is happy.

      Yes I do comment on other blogs, as often as I can as it can be quite time consuming and my days are quite full!! I think I left one the other day on yours (from memory). Its often my evening activity as I lie on the couch.

      Thanks for stopping by:))



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