Art Friday: James Turreli

Artist: James Turrell

Art installation: Within Without

Last Friday I visited the National Art Gallery of Australia to see the "Turner from the Tate" exhibition (which was lovely but sadly didn't contain any of his best known works) and whilst at the gallery I had a wander around the gardens and came across this outdoor installation called "Within Without" by James Turrell. It was beautiful -  both outside (the gardens and water/ponds) (as seen above) and in the calm peacefulness of inside the structure.  The outside reminded me of a beavers lodge. 

 All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated. 

Other examples of Turrell's work:

The "stupa" - a place of mediation used the Buddhist people
The dome (or stupa) is within a large square pool of water which is glorious blue water.  There is something very calm and peaceful about this work. I loved it as soon as I saw it. 
The water was so pretty as it picks up the reflection of the dome, walls and sky.
The walls and their brown colour reminded me of Morocco for some reason.
The walls and dome make the most beautiful reflections in the water
Inside the dome
The centre of the dome looking skyward.
To give you an idea of size
The ramp in and out of the art work
Surrounding the work are two beautiful ponds on either side of the walkway.
These ponds were so pretty with the bottom of the ponds covered in large pebbles.
As you walk in or out of the installation the ponds are on either side.
Source: This was taken not long after it was created.