Time is precious

Photography by Joluise

Waste it wisely

As I laid in bed the other day, I said to my husband, "I must get up . . . things to do".

Time is just too precious.
 When I was younger I would have been content to sleep the morning away, not any more, it just seems too much of a waste. 

Perhaps this is a sign of getting older and knowing that one does not live forever and if we don't use this time wisely, its gone and cannot be replaced.

Perhaps I have finally "grown-up"!!


  1. Hello Joluise, I laughed at this! Maybe it is a sign of old age, cause I get up early because my hips start to ache if I lay there to long :)
    It is so different in how are seasons are. We are just starting Fall and your Spring has just started.I really enjoy your post! I have been thinking about cutting back on my Blog List, but I look forward to yours!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. My husband tells me it hurts his back if he lies in too long!! I do love my bed particularly in winter but the idea of sleep half the day away seems such a waste.

      Thanks so much for liking my blog:))) I have to say I have cut back on my blog reading, I just don't have enough hours in the day to do everything I want or need to do:))


  2. That is one of my favourite flowers at the top of this post! Can't think what they are called, but they are so pretty! =)
    I don't get a chance to lie in bed - a little boy yelling "Mumma" repeatedly at the top of his lungs gets me going! =)

    1. Dutch Iris I do believe.

      Young children certainly understand the importances of getting up early and not waste the day away!! However once they hit their teens its a different story and they need to be pulled out of bed.

  3. Thanks for this reminder! Yes, time is precious, and it can too easily be wasted. Amazing everyone in the world has the same allotment of one thing--time! Are we using it wisely?

    1. I hadn't thought of that - no matter how rich or poor - we all get the same number of hours each day!! I am sure many in first world nations waste their time whilst those in developing nations struggle just to find enough food to stay alive.

  4. Sometimes I'm torn - sometimes I love lying in bed, enjoying the quiet morning and birds outside... Sometimes I love jumping out of bed and getting going. I hate wasting too much of the day in bed though - that makes me irritable.
    My children love lying in bed in the morning often - but not to sleep... They want to stay in bed all day reading!!!

    1. There are times I would love to lie in bed, but with so little time at all I need to make the most of each precious hour. Dear hubby lies in bed in the mornings when I am getting ready for work. When I was a teenager I would spend hours (at night and morning) reading!!


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