He will never leave us

What a sad start to the bushfire season - not that is really is fire season yet as it is only mid October and its another month and half until summer arrives. 

Unfortunately many parts of New South Wales are timber dry and it doesn't take much for a fire to start, something as simple as a cigarette butt tossed out of the window can bring such heartbreak to families. 

Bush fires in Australia are unforgiving and ruthless, they can be unpredictable and destroy everything in their path. They can burn for days, out of control and whilst our fire-fighters do all they can to save lives and property. I grow up understanding the dangers of bush fires and the cost of living in a rural environment surrounded by trees.  Whilst it is beautiful it can be destroyed in a moment.

In the last few days, many families have lost their homes and everything they owned with hundreds of houses destroyed or damaged.  The life they had a week ago has changed by this tragedy. It shows how quickly we can go from a comfortable existence's to struggling with nothing, just in a blink of an eye.

But I know and you know that whilst this change of wind can bring such tragedy, the Lord has given us all we need to cope at that moment. 

He will never leave us, He will always provide the strength we need, He will stand by us and comfort us when we need it, He will give us the peace we need in times of adversity.

Without God, there is nothing. 

What a comfort to know that we are NEVER alone in our struggles. It doesn't mean we won't struggle but when we do, God is with us. 

I will never leave you 
nor forsake you.

Hebrew 13:5

Photos of the setting sun made red from the smoke in the air from the bush fires to the north of us. 


  1. Thank you for that beautiful message. It makes you think to be more thankful for our everyday comforts. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thankyou for dropping by:))) We never expect these things to happen to us - they only happen to others, but we never know what might happen tomorrow. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. What a terrible time people are having - from bushfires and droughts and other climatic calamities. It's a kind of suffering that is difficult for people to understand unless they have been through it themselves, I am sure. We must be very thankful for everything the Lord gives us and keep our lives in perspective - this material world is but for a moment and we can't take any of it with us. The loss of these material things is immense, and yet the loss of a soul in eternity is so much worse. It's also a reminder to always pray for the Lord's protection.

    1. Fire is a horrible thing to go through and I pray that I never experience again. And thanks to the wonderful most gracious Lord that my parents survived Ash Wednesday, firefighters couldn't believe that they walked out of that fire almost unscathed. They expected to return and find everything and everyone lost.

  3. Sure is heart-breaking to hear of families who have lost everything - and yet its such a vital reminder that nothing on earth has true value.
    A man lost his life here on the coast fighting for his home - so sad. Was it worth it to save his 'earthly' possessions?!?!?
    Remind me to store our "treasures in heaven"......

    1. I can understand why people don't want to go but if you have enough time to get out, it really is the sane thing to do. My parents back in 1983 were trapped and had to stay as everything around them exploded into a fire storm during Ash Wednesday. They did save the house and sheds and these would have been destroyed if they had gone, but it almost cost my dad his life. I doubt they would ever stay now.

    2. oh no that is so sad to hear how much a fire has personally affected your parents.
      I could think of nothing worse than being "trapped" and not only then being worried about your home but also your lives! I'm so glad they were ok in the end :-)

  4. Dear Joluise,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a little visit...and for this lovely post. Our Lord is all we need...and is there for us in the midst of despair and tragedy.

    Sweet blessings,

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by:)) I often wonder what people in a crisis do when they don't have the Lord to lean on - their despair must be so much harder to cope with.

      Blessings :)))


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