Art Friday: At the seaside

By Kathryn Fincher

A popular holiday destination for many families in the past was a trip to the seaside. As I am currently on holidays I thought I would selected paintings that are all about the "seaside". It you are wondering where I am, no, not near the seaside!!

Enjoy splashing about without getting wet!!

Whenever I went to the seaside I would search for shells - I still do!
A basket of clams by Winslow Homer
No trip would be complete without making a sand castle.
by Jessie Wilcox Smith
Not one for sailing - suffer from seasickness!
Slightly more covered than modern day attire!
by Charle Peterson
by Tom Sierak - Love the light on the water with this one
Beachside stroll by Daeni Pino - one of my favourites.
Beach party by Arthur Sarnoff
The picnic party by Jack Vettriano
1920 Vintage postcard "Bathing beauty" - no wonder everyone was flocking to the beach.
Vintage beach pin-up by Howard Connolly (1950)

Of course the seaside isn't always sunny and warm - it can be very cold and snowing in this photo.


  1. Lovely, Jo. The beach is one of my favourite places.

    1. If only I didn't get sunburnt so badly I would perhaps want to stay longer at a beach.

  2. Beaches always look more fun than the aftermath feels. I mean, I love beaches, but I really hate the sticky sandy clean-up afterwards!!!!
    I love the top painting most of all - it's gorgeous!

    1. I love visiting the seaside but not staying as I get very sunburnt. When I was young that never worried me, it does now.


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