Simple pleasures

I think this world has forgotten about the simple pleasures in life. Too many are rushing about to meet deadlines and too busy to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. When they do, they think they need to spend lots of money, dashing about and make a great deal of noise - not true. Simple pleasures can be found without much effort and no money at all.

Here are some of my favourite "simple pleasures" that can brighten up any day.


Sitting quietly in a comfortable chair with a book is a perfect way to spend an hour or two.

Having a sleep-in on a rainy day and listening to the rain fall.

Sitting and watching the birds sing.

Looking through old photos and remembering the past.

Having a good laugh with a friend.

Reading the bible in a quiet place.

Baking a cake and sharing it with someone dear.

Going for a walk in the evening when the sun is just setting.

Hold hands.

Going on a picnic.

Making someone smile.

Playing in water.

Lying on the grass in the evening and watching the stars.

Cloud watching.

Toast with honey dripping between the fingers.

Walking barefoot on the grass.

Hot chocolate and a favourite movie.

Lying on the couch listening to a beautiful melody.

Taking a bubble bath with lots of candles.

Playing with your furry friends.

Breakfast in bed with a good book (or husband).

Playing a board game with the family.

Friday night movie in pyjamas.

Eating cookies straight from the oven.

Smell of freshly baked bread.

A compliment from someone.

Watching the sunrise.

Sit quietly in pray.

Be still.

The smell of freshly mowed lawns.



What is your simple pleasures?

Lets look for the simple pleasures in life and see how it makes all the differences to each day.


  1. Many of those would fit on my simple pleasures list. I needed the reminder though, so thank-you!

    1. The whirlwind of life can get in the way!

  2. Good list - I enjoy quite a few of those :-)

    1. Some of these simple pleasures do get interrupted by things like work:(

  3. Simplicity is so good. Thanks for all the suggestions. I enjoy a lot of these.

    1. I love simplicity and calm:)) Makes for a good day.

  4. My dear Joluise,
    It seems as if we do share a passion for simplicity!
    I do love this lost :-)

    1. Ooops!
      Delete 'lost!'
      I meant LIST :-)

  5. We do tend to complicate life, don't we?! You are so right - pleasure doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Maybe I'm a little mad, but I love standing dominoes up in a long "snake" with a little distance between them, then gently pushing over the end one and watching them all fall one after the other... Pick them up and repeat. ;) Haha! Simple pleasures!

    I also love to wander around the garden listening to the birds and inspecting the plants/vegies/flowers. So relaxing!

    And I do a lot of the things on your list, too... Simplicity leads to the most relaxation, in my opinion. :)

    1. Its been a very long time since I did the dominoes thing:) so thanks for reminding me:))

  6. beautiful post-now that I am retired-I do take time to just soak in life at the moment

    1. Long time until I retire sadly, but there will come a day when I can do these simple pleasures all day long.

  7. I love your simple pleasures list; I share the same feelings. Remember when we were kids, and we would lay out in the grass and just dream, or skip rocks in the lake, or look for frogs, or walk to the store with a friend? well, I don't know if you did those things, but I did, they were sweet and simple, and sometimes I long to enjoy life that way again. Nice post.

    1. I certainly played in the creek as a child which was so much fun, lying on the grass was a relaxing activity on those summers evening and still remember the smell of the grass. These are the sort of things that create wonderful memories.

  8. Hmmm. I love a bath with candles. Lovely list.

  9. Love this Louise - there are so many simple pleasures in there that I too love. I also love finding a sunny spot on a cold winters day and sipping on a hot mug of coffee. xx

    1. I'm with you with the hot chocolate - sounds wonderful.

      Thanks for dropping in:)

  10. I'll take all of these, Jo. I also found a new simple (and luxurious!) pleasure last wekk - I went to a movie at 10 o'clock in the morning. I just said, "forget the work piling up, forget the house work, I'm getting out of my head for a little while" and so I did. It was wonderful. x


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