A moment in time

I wanted to share a small moment in time, one evening a few days ago. This is where I relax in the evenings, you can see my comfortable chair with its cushions and rug (to keep me warm) and Ruby's favourite place, right next to me. She is a very faithful cat. Also sharing my couch is Mr Basil Bear. A special gift for this years birthday (still someway off) and on his red jumper it reads "Praying 4U, Lots of Love". He keeps me company every evening and is much loved. To the little family who sent me Mr B Bear - thankyou, he means a lot to me.  

Ruby likes to keep my books warm, it does make it difficult to read them!! She can't see the problem, because when I am not reading I can focus 100% on her!!

Mr Basil Bear, very soft and cuddly and perfect for hugging. 
Don't know about you, but I find yellow roses to be so joyful and cheery. And these look lovely with the contrasting purple daisies. 


  1. What a cute bear!!!! And a cute name for him too =)
    Looks like a cosy room, especially in winter =)

    1. Would be great if it had a wood burning fire - but sadly it isn't a house that is suitable for that!! Very cute bear :))

  2. Your space looks really cosy! :) Love the yellow and purple flowers - they are very cheerful!

  3. The yellow and purple flowers look so so lovely together!
    hehehe, I noticed in the first picture that Ruby was on your book! Typical cat!!! My cat sees no problem in sitting on the keyboard while i'm working from home either ;-)

  4. That was such a cozy little visit... Thank you for sharing Jo :)

  5. Beautiful, cozy resting place. By the way my favorite color is purple and our couch is also purple, only a different shade! :)


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