Hello sunshine

Even on a cold wet grey old day, there is still plenty of sunshine to be found - you just need to look for it. Sadly so many people grumble on a days like this, rather than looking for the joy, the simple things that can create so much sunshine into one's life.

Here are  some to my favourite activities on a cold wet day:

Watching a heartwarming film
Listening to beautiful music
Enjoying a hot chocolate with friends
Visit the library
Make a jigsaw
Make some birthday cards
Creating a gift to surprise someone with
Call a friend you have spoken to in years
Build a photo album
Write a letter
Listen to an audio story
Playing a board game

What do you do to bring sunshine into your life on a grey day?

We live in a world full of people who complain - they complain about everything and anything. We need to be different. Instead of complaining we need to look up and say Thankyou for all the Lord has provided, including grey days.  The Lord doesn't want us to grumble - He wants to make the best of any situation, including ones that we don't like.

We need to look to the Lord Jesus Christ as our example - He doesn't grumble at any time and He died on the cross for our sins and not a word of negativeness or whining.

He wants us to find sunshine on a grey day. 



  1. Dear Jo, I need to print this out for next winter around here! I am so glad you have a Blog List now! And I did sign in for following even though I have been doing that forever :o)
    Going to a conference this weekend! Keep warm and enjoy the refreshing cool and cozy weather...
    Yours, Roxy

    1. Enjoy the conference :)))) and yes, I plan to keep warm and perhaps do some sewing.

  2. I love to bake or make a big pot of chili or bean soup if it is also chilly out

    1. I made chilli beans the other night and we are having left overs tonight. They are perfect on a cold night.

  3. Great list, Jo! I might add snuggling up to my Sweeetheart, and cross-stitching to the list, but apart from that it looks like the perfect list, I think! :D

    1. Cross-stitch makes my eyes go cross-eye!! So I will skip that one :) :) but snuggling up with hubby should be on my list.

  4. Dancing in the rain!! Nothing fixes a gloomy day for me like dancing in the rain. Wonderful prain

    1. Dancing in the rain was quite nice when we lived in the tropics - a little too cold and icy where we now live :)

  5. If we didn't have grey days we wouldn't appreciate the sunny days so much!!!!! =)

    1. Very true - we need one to enjoy the other. :))


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