Art Friday: Makoto Muramatsu

 Art Friday: Makoto Muramatsu

Even if you dislike cats I guarantee you will love these, they are adorable and o'so cute!!
By the end you will be smiling and feeling happy!! 



  1. Hello Jo, Very cute! As I do love kitties! Hope you are well and enjoying your winter! Very busy here and doing all that He has called me to do in this season! I just wanted to say hello to you!
    Time just seems to go so fast!
    Love, Roxy

    1. Thankyou for dropping by. I have also been busy, but in a really nice way and I praise and thank The Lord daily for all that He provides. It's so hard to believe that we have reached August already.

  2. They ARE cute (most of them). My favourites are the last one, and the one of the 3 kittens piled on top of each other peeking out at the cherry blossom & bird (which is seen in a shadow). :)

  3. You were so right, I was smiling through most of the post.

  4. Oh these are precious! I don't usually like "character" paintings like this but these ones warm my heart - maybe just because they are kitties hehe

  5. Oh, I loved the goldfish one! Super.


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