Nothing is impossible with God

Telling another to pray and have faith is easy, putting it into action is hard.


The last 12 months have been tough,  I know how difficult it can be to just trust the Lord and have complete 100% faith in Him. It is incredibly hard at times, especially when you are fragile, upset, frightened and fearful of the unknown. 

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith
(Margaret Shepard)

During my toughest moments I prayed vehemently to God, for His comfort, for His wisdom, for His love, for His grace. He NEVER let me down, ever.  The more I did this the more it became clear that we would make it through the toughest times, but not without the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whilst out shopping on Saturday morning I received an urgent text message from our my 21 year old son. He needed our help, didn't know what to do and to make matters even more urgent, he hadn't slept well for three nights so was feeling fragile. Mobile phones are brilliant inventions - I quickly rang the doctors surgery (whilst in the middle of the supermarket) for advice followed by a phone call to the Pharmacy (whilst in the car park) - I had the answers I needed. I rush home to dropped everything off and make the mad dash into the city to pick up the prescription that we needed and took it directly to our son. Some would say it was sheer luck that it all ran smoothly. NO, it wasn't luck or fate, at every stage God's hand was in control. He made sure I was able to get an emergency script, He made sure that I would find a car park in a busy city, He made sure that my car trip was safe, He made sure that our son had the strength to hold himself together, He made sure I didn't panic. There was no luck, it was ALL God's work.  

Every day when I go off to work God watches over me. He made sure I have the right job that fits well with our family, He makes sure that I have the energy and strength to get through the day, He makes sure I can balance my children, my husband and my home. Through FAITH all things are possible. Never underestimate the Lord Jesus Christ. You just need to trust in the Lord with all your might. So when I am ask "don't you get exhausted", I can honestly say "no", why, because my life is in the Lords hands and he makes sure I don't. 

Be brave, be strong and have courage.  God holds our lives in His hands and He is the only one that loves you more than anyone else and has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He has the power to quiet the storms both within and without.  

God is holding my sister-in-law in his hands right now - prayers are urgently needed for her recovery and for my brother. She is currently in hospital and very ill, all we can do is trust in the Lord. 

Have I not commanded you?
 Be strong and of good courage; 
do not be afraid, 
nor be dismayed, 
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9


  1. Love this post. Your faith is inspiring. Praying and hoping for a good outcome for your sister in law.


  2. Joshua 1:9 is exactly the verse I hung onto with my recent health scare. So thankful that you see His hand so clearly in your life, guiding and helping you.

    1. Thanks Deborah, tonight I feel very weary and it is verses like Joshua 1:9 which give me strength.

  3. I think life is becoming more difficult for people all over, despite the relative richness of our times. People have money, but other things are going so wrong with health and persecution and other such troubles. It is no time for complacency - we need to have faith and study the Scriptures like our life depends on it. Because it really does. And we need to also pray for one another, that is becoming more and more important, I believe - it was already important in the days of the apostles, and I think that the more time that passes and the more subtle the attack of the enemy is, the more we need to vigilantly and fervently watch and pray.

    1. I was only thinking of those poor Christians in Iraq that are stranded on the mountain top without food or water but if they come down they will surely die. The persecution of Christians has been happening for centuries, but now it is in our faces thanks to the internet and it shows, as you say, that we have no time for complacency.

  4. Jo, these are not the kind of things any of us want to go through, and yet, when they happen and when they are over we can stand in awe of what God did for us. But, walking through them in faith is sometimes so hard, as you say. Also, I would say from experience that God does sometimes allow some of us to become exhausted, but that too is always for a reason and for our good in His big picture. Our last twelve months have been rather unusual too! We were in Australia less than a year ago. Hard to believe it hasn't been a year yet, and then consider all that has happened since then! I pray that your sister-in-law recovers health.

    1. You are right - the Lord can make us exhausted so to slow us down or to encourage us to change course. He also puts up stumbling blocks to remind us to look to Him rather than attempt to manage it on our own.

      My sister-in-law remains in a critical conditional but stable as one can be. I have posted an update on my Facebook page to keep people informed of her progress. Her future is in the Lords hands 100% and no matter what the outcome, we need to trust in the Lord for the reasons He makes.


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