Farewell Gaia

Sadly our beautiful tan doberman passed away suddenly on Friday 24th October. 


Like all four-legged members of our family, Gaia was much loved and very spoilt. He was a gentle dog to his family and a great guard dog who took his job very seriously. Only on Friday, the week before he "protected" us from a dog that was trying to cause problems along our back lane way.  He loved a cuddle, having his "hand" held, very fond of curling up in bed next to my husband and going to sleep, loved going for walks and eating grass along the way and got along very well with the cats (Ruby adored him). However he hated thunderstorms and could predict them long before they arrives. To help reduce the stress, we would bring him inside and then he was much happier and wouldn't annoy the neighbours with his endless barking. He also strongly disliked the possums that liked to visit  at night and would bark at them to go away.

Ruby (my black cat) knew all the different barks that Gaia had and would respond accordingly: 

"look out of the front window, postman coming"
"go and hide . . . DANGER"
"dad's walking up the drive, run to front door"
"mum's home, big welcome at front door"
"don't do anything, just feel like barking"
"Brenin . . . time to guard"

Ruby understood all of this and followed the instructions. However on Friday the house was silent, no barking and poor Ruby knew something was very wrong. 

Our black doberman (Brenin) isn't a barker, so he would do the running (patrolling the fence line) whilst Gaia would do the barking. They made for a great team.  Brenin is now on his own and feeling rather sad and lost.

Gaia was 8 years old and in good health. Why he died is unknown but the vet suspects a heart attack. We know he wasn't poisoned or bitten by a snake. 

Here are some wonderful photos of a beautiful dog who gave so much.  

Taken last year when Gaia was 7. A handsome Doberman. You will notice that his ears are down and he has a tail. Docking of tails is not allowed in most states of Australia and it is illegal to alter their ears as done in the USA. 
Gaia with his gentle giant - our very elderly (and now deceased ridgeback)

Gaia loved this toy, in fact he loved toys all his life and was always carrying around a tire or rope. He would bring them inside and the cats would roll all over his toys so they could pick up his scent.  I have given Ruby (our cat that just loved Gaia) one of Gaia's toys so she has something of his. 
Gaia with his best friend Brenin.  When Gaia died, Brenin let out the loudest and saddest howl my husband had ever heard - that is how he knew something had happened. 
They may have fought as young dogs, but they worked as a team guarding our home and family. 
Gaia was our organiser - he rounded up the bowls and kept watch over them, often having them on his bed whilst he slept. He also tidying up his toys and kept Brenin in order. 
Gaia was always on guard - this time it was the possums that kept him busy. 
He loved his ropes. 
Gaia and I - 6 or so years ago. It was such a loving dog and always liked a hug. 



  1. So sorry for your loss, its always hard losing a beloved pet.

    1. Thankyou - it is a little easier when they are old and its expected, this was out of the blue and we never imagined it which makes it harder as we couldn't say farewell.

  2. I'm so sorry, Jo. It's amazing how animals can creep in and steal our hearts! The sad fact is that most people will live to see several pets die through their life because God didn't make animals like cats and dogs to live as long as people. But, I have to say... puppies are very fun, so it's kind of exciting to be able to have several of them throughout a lifetime!!! :)

    1. They do steal our hearts which brings much joy but equally sorrow when they die. I agree I do love the fact that one can have a number of pets in a lifetime and it is exciting but one forgets the sadness of saying goodbye when they have a new pet, it isn't until they get old that you realise that the time will soon come to say farewell.

  3. Jo, I am so sorry for your loss. He looks like he was a wonderful companion. Blessings to you today.

    1. He was and his best friend is still missing him:) Its lovely how animals bond with each other but so sad when one dies and leaves the other alone.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. He is such a sweetie.

    1. Thanks so much, he was a sweetie and so cuddly. Will be sadly missed.

  5. So sorry to hear this Jo. Always so hard to lose a fur-baby - they truly are part of the family xxx

    1. Thanks Sandy, it was very sad to loose our furry friend. My husband is thinking about getting a Doberman dog from the Doberman rescue society which would be a nice thing to do - but we won't do anything until we see how Brenin settles.


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