Art Friday: Random!

William Hays
Art Friday: Random

This week is random, completely random works of art!! I couldn't decide on who to share with you, so you are going to get a bunch of paintings I quite like! I hope you enjoy this collection. 

William Page Atkinson Wells Landscape, a girl in a meadow, 1905
Evening at home” (Edward John Poynter, UK, 1836-1919

Daniel F. Gerhartz
Apples by Rembrandt
 Vladimir Volegov
John William Waterhouse
Nancy Noel
de Bessie Pease Gutmann



  1. Wonderful, loving the first one particularly. Have a great weekend.

    1. That one was my fav too:))

      I will, same to you :)

  2. I particularly like the painting of the man with the child on his shoulders, the painting of the apples, the little girl playing with the daisy, the girl with the rooster, and the last two paintings. Love daisies :)

    1. I was surprised to discover the apples were done by Rembrandt as I didn't associate him with still life. And daisies are always lovely!

  3. A few beauties there! =)
    P.S. Hope you had a good last day =)

    1. I had a lovely day today especially going out for lunch. Wrapped up all my work so no one have been left with things to do.

  4. The apples struck me as the best of the lot on my first time through, so I guess it's not so surprising that they are Rembrandt, though I wouldn't have guessed that either. There are other nice ones too. The snowy scene at the top brings back chilling memories! LOL (Sorry, I just had to put that in. :-) hehe)


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