Thoughtful Thursday

Rest and appreciate life. 

It would be such a pity to get to the end of life and not had time to stop and watch birds fly, rosebuds open or listen to the sounds of silences. 

A merry heart does good, like medicine, 
But a broken spirit dries the bones. 

(Proverbs 17:22)



  1. Good Afternoon, Jo!

    Yes, we should stop and rest and simply enjoy each moment as they come. Take Joy and give thanks to God!

    I hope you are having a lovely day. It is freezing here today and will be for the next several days. So glad I don't have to be anywhere for the next few days. Brrr! So thankful for my wood stove and the heat it provides my home.

    Blessings and Hugs,

    1. If only I could send you some of my warmth from Australia as today will be 86F and tomorrow almost 100F. My niece, who lives in Denver said it was 1F this afternoon, now that is cold!! Keep warm, sounds like being near the fire is the best place to be. With a book would be even better :)))

      God bless xx

  2. Beautiful flowers, Jo - sweet peas always remind me of my mother because she grew them when we were growing up and she LOVED them! :) Sweet memories.
    29ºC here today, but I think you'll be sending your heatwave up to us after you suffer through it tomorrow, because it's supposed to be 38ºC here on Sunday. Thanks - but you really should just keep the heat there!! ;) Just do me one favour - if the heat brings rain, be SURE to send the rain up here, because we are desperate for rain and the outlook is for a drought this summer. :(
    Seriously though, we know the Lord is good, so we wait on Him for rains to replenish the ground. He will send rain in His time.

    1. When I think of sweet pea I always think of A. Dorothy who grew them every year as I was growing up, so to your grandfather. I love their gentle scent and they pick well and look lovely and delicate in the house. This is the first year that I have had success but I didn’t build my trellis high enough so they are all falling over. Next year I will know better!!

      We aren’t expected to get rain until Sunday, but I have noticed this has moved back and becoming less uncertain, so I am not so sure of rain over the weekend any more. Friday will be nasty here but on Saturday we are expecting 24C and 22C on Sunday – what a change!! Certainly praying for rain in those parts of Australia that are so dry (including SA) as it’s not good news going into summer so dry. However we have the other problem, we have had too much rain and the grass is starting to dry (as it’s a winter grass) and now it poses a fire risk which isn’t good news either.

  3. I'm so thankful that I can enjoy a quieter schedule these days, and really appreciate the simple things around me. They make life beautiful!
    Yes, you are in summer; we are getting snow!

    1. Whilst mine involved going off to work during the day, it is surprisingly quiet in the evenings once I get home. I have the routine down pat and its not very stressful or difficult these days. Yes, summer has arrived with a bang and we are heading towards 100F tomorrow which is a little too early for my liking. Enjoy your winter :))


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