Thoughtful Thursday

Give someone a pot plant to cheer up their day.

"No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.” 
Charles Dickens



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    1. Lasts much longer than flowers and often cheaper to buy :))

  2. Beautiful painting!
    My mother-in-law bought me a pot plant when she visited here from the States. It sits beside my recliner in the lounge room and brightens up my day, every day, with its beautiful pink flowers. So yes, I attest to the fact that pot plants bring cheer and joy - and it lasts longer than a bouquet! :)

    1. It certainly lasts longer than a bunch of flowers and therefore bring much longer cheer :)) Your pot plant sounds lovely. And I have read that pot plants clean the air in the home and make for healthier living.

    2. I'm so glad Mom did that for you Clara, and that the plant has survived so well. :-) It's amazing how a plant can bring us pleasure for years by reminding us of someone we love.


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