Thoughtful Thursday: Hug time

Give someone a hug today.

Hugs offer so much encouragement and love.

Hugs are medicine to the soul.

Hugs are special. 

Hugs say far more than words and leave a lasting memory.

So why is hugging so important? 

Hugs make us feel good
Hugs can lower blood pressure
Hugs alleviate fears and anxieties
Hugs are good for our hearts
Hugs helps in maintain good health and wellbeing
Hugs are a natural stress reliever

Hugs reduce stress in babies
Hugs can have a calming affect
Hugs are a way of showing love and affection
Hugs makes sickness feel a little better
Hugs creates security and safeness
Hugs can make a bad day good.

A hug says "I love you"

So . . . who are you going to hug today?

Don't forget, even your pets love a hug. 



  1. Hugs are great. I always hug each person in my family every day without fail. I love hugging! (far better than kisses - when I meet someone or say goodbye, I would much rather a hug than a kiss on the cheek - hugs mean more)

    1. When I was looking for pictures, I noticed so many animals hugging, it they think it's a good thing to do, then it really must be!! And its so much cheaper than medicine.

      Did you watch the SBS documentary on the Sloths as they love and need hugs. They were adorable - far more adorable than I thought sloths were!!

    2. Yes, animals like contact with one another, I've noticed that too.
      We haven't watched the sloth documentary yet, but we hope to over the next week of holidays! Thank you for recommending it! :)

    3. I stumbled across it and it was just too sweet to not watch and I have to say, I learn and thing or too about Sloths that I didn't know. I think it comes off SBS on the 30th December.

  2. Hugs! Always crave them!!!! =) Can never get enough =) Seems people forget them though, should be many many more of them!

    1. I agree - sending you a not quite the same sort of hug, but the best I can do right now!!!

    2. Thank you!!!!!!! =) One flying back to you too!


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