Random Tuesday #1

~ Welcome to Random Tuesday ~

I always wanted one blog post per week that was completely random and I have decided that Tuesday is a very good day for randomness. 

I don't mind if you don't comment, its just a day where I can indulge myself with a 

~ favourite photo ~
~ idea ~
~ art ~

~ anything random ~

it doesn't need to make sense, it just makes me happy and I hope it does you to. 

It might just reveal a little more about me!!!

Perhaps not !

So here goes - my first random Tuesday for the year. 

51 more to go. 

~ Black cat ~

This is to remember all the cats that died on Saturday 3rd January when a cattery was destroyed during a horrid out-of-control bushfire swept through the Adelaide Hills (not far from where my family live).



  1. Oh, that is so sad about the fire. :-(
    We have two cats and a dog. They're very special.
    Very pretty picture...look at those green eyes! Is this your cat?

    1. My black cat (Ruby) has yellow eyes. We have 2 cats and 1 dog who are all loved dearly!

  2. Wow, very green eyes!!
    That fire has caused so much damage... :( I hope they get lots of rain and that everything grows back quickly.

    1. They are amazing eyes. Ruby has deep yellow eyes.

      It will take sometime for the fire scars to heal, especially if they don't get good rains (which they haven't this spring and summer). its the poor wildlife that will take longer to repopulate . Always very sad. I can clearly remember the aftermath of Ash Wednesdsy that burn everything -it was tragic.

  3. I like the idea of a random post :)

    That is a gorgeous photo of those green eyes, they are stunning.

    The fires have been terrible, and it is hot here again today, so the likely hood of more damage is great as it is not contained. Tomorrow could be worse. There may be some rain coming on Friday, but that is a while away yet. A terrible loss of all the animals that have perished. The CFS has been doing its best to save as many as possible.


    1. I grew up in the Adelaide Hills and our family went through Ash Wednesday. My dad lives a town across from the current fires and has been watching the planes fly back and forth. It is scary but as you say, the CFS are just great . Praying that the next few days are ok.

      This eyes are amazing aren't they!

  4. So very sad about the cats.
    I like the idea of Random Tuesdays. Happy New Year, Jo!

    1. It is very sad - the firefighters managed to save 40 dogs but lost all the cats (around 45). I have been giving my cats extra hugs!


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