When Valentines Day was simple

There was a time (not that long ago) when no one expected to spend very much to say "I love you" on Valentines Day. Sending a card was considered sweet and the words inside were the most important part of the giving. A gift wasn't expected and when given, didn't cost the earth.

Life was so much more simple back then!!

But times have changed and just like Christmas and birthdays, people see the need to spend up BIG and I can't figure out why.

Giving an expensive gift doesn't make anyone happier and it certainly (in the case of Valentines Day) it doesn't keep couples together any longer. 

The typical American celebrating Valentine's Day will spend more than $142 this year, up from $134.  

Men will spend an average $190.53 compared to women, who will spend $96.58.

 . . .  on chocolates/candy, flowers, clothing, Valentines, jewellery and much much more. 

Total spending is projected to reach $18.9 billion, the highest since the National Retail Federation began tracking in 2010. In Australia the figure is around $791 million or around $86 on average. 

* 53 % will buy chocolate and candy, spending $1.7 billion * 

* 38 % will buy flowers, spending $2.1 billion * 

* 35 % will plan a night out, spending $3.6 billion * 

* 21 % will buy jewelry, spending $4.8 billion *


* $1.5 billion on gift cards *

Some even buy valentine's gifts for their pets!!

I have no problems with celebrating Valentine's Day, its kind of fun. BUT we need to get expenditure back to something sensible. One of the reason why families get into debt is buying goods on credit and not being able to pay it back. And for many families, both in the USA and Australia - we are addicted to credit and buy gifts for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter etc.... when we simply can't afford what we buy.  Many of those buying for Valentine's Day, probably haven't even paid off their Christmas debt. 

There are many wonderful and cheap ideas for Valentine's Day - lets go back to basis and make it a fun day that doesn't break the bank. 

And ladies, discourage your husbands from buying expensive gifts, don't hint at jewellery or clothes that you know are $$$ expensive $$$. I don't know how many times I have heard women talking about the hints they drop to their husbands about expensive gifts, its unfair on their bank balance and adds extra stress to their husbands.

A friend of mine (and his wife) spend $10 each and turns it into a game - how creative and romantic can you be with $10. I love this idea. I love the idea of picnic in the park, candle lit dinner at home, a jar of love notes, romantic movie night . . .

Valentine's Day is about celebrating LOVE and love isn't about money and when it is, things are going very wrong.

(US figures from the National Retail Federation) 


  1. I kinda like Valentine's Day... after all it is my Birthday too! But, I totally agree with you on spending way too much money for a one time gift. I personally like the gifts that are simple like a drive to the mountains or a walk in the park, a simple little note card with a special message on it, a single flower, a homemade gift or dinner. I'm not all about the bells and whistle and will never be. I think Valentine's Day should be shared every day with the one you love. Make it fun and memorable but don't break the bank to do it!!

    Great post and wow... I can't believe people spend that! Shocking!

    I hope you have a great week, Jo! And a special and fun Valentine's Day!


    1. Happy birthday for Saturday, may you have a wonderful day :)

      When your loved one is imaginative, you know they have put in a great deal of effort - something bought may be lovely but is no where near the same :))

  2. I was so surprised with the amounts of money people spend on gifts. The thrill for me is using your imagination to make something special without breaking the bank.

    1. There is far more fun being imaginative than spending big $$$!!

  3. We don't do Valentine...never have! And by what I've seen it is getting far to commercialized, just like everything else!

    1. Retails finds every opportunity to make money and for us to loose it!!

  4. We don't do valentines day either. I don't see the point in it, personally - it has pagan/catholic roots and just isn't something we are interested in pursuing.
    But that doesn't mean we don't enjoy giving each other love gifts - and yes, those are so much more fun when they are creative rather than expensive! :D In fact, I personally have a LOT more enjoyment in something I have made with my own hands - whether a special meal, or something I've handcrafted with paper or sewing or whatever. And we have lots of love gifts passing back and forth during the year, none of them dictated by society or commercialism!! ;)

    1. I was going to do something, but dear husband is turning 60 this year (in a few months) so I have decided to put my energy and money into doing something special for him. I am planning to take a surprise day off work and take him out for lunch etc…Much more significant than to do something on Saturday.

    2. Oh, I'm sure he will appreciate that a lot more! :) Sounds like a lovely surprise!

  5. Saw a young man coming out of the Salvos today, with a huge teddy tucked under his arm - wonder if he is going cheap for Valentine's Day? Good on him!!!!!! =)
    I don't care for presents, just want my hubby to be with me all the time - love being protected!!! =)

    1. I think that would be a very sweet gift :))) I bought my hubby a bag of his favourite liquorice and he's already eaten half the packet!!


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