50 things that are free

There are very few things in life that are free — or it can certainly feel that way?

Day-to-day living is pretty expensive and most people are fed up with always handing out money — bills seem to be going up, the price of food, clothing, utilities, all those extra charges and taxes. Once $50 could last ages in one's wallet, now it can go in a few moments at the supermarket with very little in return. It can all get very depressing. 

But, there are many things that are free but sometimes we forget about them. So here is a list to remind us all of the many wonderful things in life that are as free as a bird and are waiting for us to enjoy. Some of these things may not seem to be very important — quite trivial but without them, our lives would not be as rich or as joyful. 

So the next time you feel weighed down with all those bills, remember the long list of things that are free that will bring happiness and joy to your day.

  1. The bible
  2. A glorious sunrise
  3. A rainbow
  4. Humour and laughter
  5. A hug
  6. True love
  7. The friendship of friends and family
  8. Happy memories
  9. Wind blowing in your hair
  10. Happiness
  11. A walk in the park
  12. A trip to the library
  13. A coffee with friends
  14. A satisfying nap
  15. The warmth of a smile
  16. Collecting seashells
  17. Strolling on the beach
  18. Taking a bubble bath
  19. Giving and receiving a compliment
  20. Going for a run
  21. Smelling the flowers
  22. Sitting in the sun soaking up the rays
  23. Snuggling under the blanket on a cold day
  24. Reading a book
  25. Writing a letter to someone special
  26. Dancing in the kitchen
  27. Taking your shoes off after a long day
  28. Lying on the couch and resting
  29. Day dreaming
  30. Looking at old photos
  31. Watching the rain fall (or snow)
  32. Going for a hike with friends
  33. Learning something new
  34. The smell of fresh air
  35. Teaching someone something new
  36. Writing a journal/blog
  37. Rearranging your house
  38. Jumping on to a pile of leaves
  39. The sound of rain
  40. The smell of freshly cut grass
  41. Waking up every morning
  42. A postive attitude
  43. Listening to the rustling of leaves on the tree
  44. Butterflies fluttering
  45. Rain drops
  46. Curiosity
  47. Sharing someone exciting news
  48. Hugging a baby
  49. Patting the cat
  50. Counting down to New Year

"If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy."


  1. A beautiful post and a great reminder. Best wishes for 2016.

  2. This is an encouraging post to start my day. Thank you! Until Lowell goes back to work, free is absolutely the best thing!
    Please drop by and say hello!

    Have a wonderful winter season!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. One of my favourite frees is the library - I borrow most of the books I read these days and at the moment I am enjoying some gorgeous cookbooks that I would never buy as they are expensive, but I can sit and linger over the recipes and enjoy the books for a a few weeks. And those recipes I like, I can take a copy. I also borrow many of the new release movies on DVD from our local library (the ones that aren't on Netflix) and that way we can enjoy the movie at no cost!!

      I have also been doing some re-arranging which is as nice as a new room!! and wearing clothes from my wardrobe that I haven't worn in ages, once again - they feel new at no expense.

  3. There are SO many things in this world that are free, but often they are simple things that people forget about in this technological and "progression"-thinking world! It's often the most simple, inexpensive things that bring the most joy. Like colouring a picture (you can get heaps for free on the internet that you can print so you don't even have to buy a colouring book!) while listening to an audiobook or listening to someone read aloud - that's actually one of my favourite simple activities! :)

    1. My library is my best friend as it supplies much of my reading material-all for free!!!! Plus I work in a library with more books to choose from.


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